Buyer Beware: Cursing Baby Doll

Did this baby doll just curse?
Did this baby doll just curse?

With Christmas season upon us, perhaps you are looking to buy your baby her very first baby doll.  Buyer beware of what this cute little baby doll sounds like it’s saying.

The You & Me Interactive Triplets are causing quite the stir. Sure they may look cute, but when one of these babies opens her mouth one of things she says sounds just like  “Hey, crazy bitch” or something that sounds as such.

If you think that’s bad, don’t worry she giggles too!

You be the judge! Watch this doll in action:



Do you want to pick up one of the You and Me Interactive Triplets? They are available at Amazon (referral link) and Toys R Us!

Who knows how long these babies will stay on the shelves! With language like that, I know all the moms and dads will want to pick one up for their little kiddies!

Are We Hearing Things or Did That Baby Say What I Thought She Said?


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