Bye-Bye Bottle (For Real This Time!)

Photo Credit: Dawn Ashley/Flickr
Photo Credit: Dawn Ashley/Flickr


I threw the babies’ bottles out three days ago. We’re done and done. My daughters are 14-months-old and 10-months-old and it’s sippy cups only from here on out. I had weaned my oldest daughter off of most of her bottles and over to sippy cups when she was around 8 months but when it came to nap time and bedtime, she would see her sister with a bottle and take it. If I interceded, she would completely flip out.

I tried to stick to my guns by putting my younger daughter in the playpen to have her bottle, which protected her from my oldest. Logistically it worked but the crying was too much. The little one wasn’t ready for a sippy cup yet and I was sure that my older daughter would harbor some sort of deep resentment.

Complicating matters even further, it was time for my oldest daughter to be weaned from formula to straight cow’s milk. It was going well as I mixed the formula and milk half and half for a while but when the ration tipped in the cow’s favor and my oldest swiped her younger sister’s bottle, it was all over. Now she was convinced I was depriving her of the┬ásustenance of life. I grew weary of feeling like such a jerk. And the constant phrases of “No, that’s Clemmie’s milk, this is your milk” were useless.

Finally, I went back to giving my older daughter a bottle. She was sooooooo happy. I figured, what’s two more months? By that time (this weekend to be exact) my youngest could start the weaning process. So here we are. Bye-bye bottles and everyone’s doing great. The girls have matching sippy cups with matching milk inside. No complaints yet and I’m glad to be rid of bottle-washing!

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