Can Babies Have Nightmares?

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Is this boy having nightmares?

Things are going a little wrong over here. Fuzz and I are co-sleeping  and wakes up to nurse often, but it’s usually a quick nurse, then back to sleep. The last few nights he’s waking up WAY more often and he seems freaked out and mad when he wakes. Sometimes I can’t even get a boob in his mouth because he’s having a little fit.

It’s bizarre to me because I’m right there.  It’s not like he does this when he’s all alone in the bed, in an unfamiliar place. We’ve been in the same bed for almost two months now, and this only started a few days ago.

I’m wondering if  he is having actual nightmares? I know all about toddler night terrors, my oldest had them for a while (Gee, I cannot remember how long that phase lasted! Another case of “This too has passed.”) I don”t think these are the same, but perhaps they can start this early?

If my baby is having nightmares, what could they be about and more importantly, how can I stop them??

Please tell me I’m not alone here. What is making Fuzz wake up so frequently and how can I stop it.  Or is this more teething, goshdarnit??

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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