Can I Resist The Notorious Call Of Mom Hair?

Not the best look EVERY SINGLE DAY

I’ve pretty much always had long hair.  Mostly because I have a lot of hair and the one time I cut it off I felt like I had a big pumpkin head that needed to turn sideways to make it through doorways.  I need the length to weigh it down, know what I’m saying?

But ever since Henry was born two weeks ago I’ve been rocking the bun.  You know, the ever-so-sexy librarian bun?  It just takes so damn long to do my hair and straightening my naturally wavy, thick-as-a-horse-tail tresses is not high on the list of priorities.

Leaving it down is no option for the Grabby Mcgrabberson that is my two-year old.

So bun hair it is.

But what’s the point of bun hair, why not just cut it all off, Michelle Williams-style?  Probably because I flipped out two minutes after cutting bangs last year.  They’ve just barely grown out and what a nightmare that was.  Plus, in a way, the ugly bun is easier to do than short hair would be because you’d have to style short hair in much the same way you’ve got to manage bangs. I mean, short hair is more maintenance in a way because it’s like having bangs all over your head, if you see what I’m saying. And that’s just, well, that’s just…. Yuck. Too much work. I’d have a bad hair day every day. But a bun is bad hair every day too!

I’ve always secretly hated when women pop out a few kids and then cut off their hair into the notorious mom do. SUCH a hair don’t! Short, utilitarian hair cuts with no personality.  But Michelle’s hair is totally cute, don’t you think? And I’d love to get out of bed, throw a bit of product in hair like this and call it a day.  I have a sneaking suspicion though that I shouldn’t be making major changes with so much change already underway.

So what’s a gal with annoyingly thick, long hair and two grabby, sticky-fingered little ones to do?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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