Can You Breastfeed Too Much?

Am I doing it wrong?

The one thing I really dislike about breastfeeding is the fact that I have no idea how much milk the baby is getting.  I appreciate the comfort watching four ounces of formula disappearing from a bottle and into my baby’s stomach brings.

Experts always say not to worry about it – the baby is getting enough – but still, I worry.  Mostly because it seems like the little guy is hungry again after what seems like a really short time.

Maybe it’s my fault.  Sometimes, when he cries and his diaper isn’t messy and nothing obvious seems to be wrong I’ll whip out the old boob and he bellies up to the milk bar and gets his drink on. I’m starting to feel like a bartender on call 24/7, which, I guess that’s pretty much the definition of breastfeeding but I’m becoming increasingly concerned I’m ruining his “meal” with my “snacks”.  Like a real bartender, do I need to cut the little guy off?

What I’m saying is, am I breastfeeding too much?

This coming from the girl who admitted not being super stoked about breastfeeding.  Ironic, no?

Other than that, the breastfeeding is going really well.  Little guy can find my nipple in the dark of night under mountains of covers.  He’s like a heat seeking missile, I’ll tell you what.  Could find a nipple in a haystack.  A long way from those long nights early on where I’d jam the thing into his mouth and he couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

But about the breastfeeding too much…  Am I doing it wrong?  Do I withhold boob (like I do with Serge – ZING!) unless it’s mealtime?  Or do I give it as long as he seems to drink?

What are the rules, people?  What do you know, what do you do?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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