Can You Tell Me When My Boob Is Hanging Out Please? (Week 2 Day 10)

MMk? Thanks.

As said to the mister this morning when I came in from outside where I was hanging laundry on the line.

Where I full-on said good morning to my neighbour with said boob out.

Not a nekked mammary in all of it’s triple status glory, (good gravy but seriously?¬†These suckers didn’t get bigger when BF’ing my 1st, why now? NOT necessary) but still.

Shirt cup pulled over with see through white sleeping bra and nursing pad saying hello is quite enough.

I know it’s technically my own¬† responsibility to ensure all body parts are covered up before venturing out into public.

But you know, when the manling sees me and said clothes kerfuffle, one would think he could say something.

Anyhoo, that’s my mommy-brain kvetch for the morning.

What about you? What are/have been your seemingly brainless moments, blunders and flounders? Does it get better as the weeks/motnhs wear on or should I just get used to my new level of chaos? Help a girl out here with some comforting anecdotes to make me feel less mars bound.

I’m in the second week of my little girl’s sweet take-over (in cahoots with her 21 month old brother on this for sure), on our house-hold & sleep. If I thought ‘mommy-brain’ was bad before, watch out world. I have a feeling things are about to get hella scattered up in here.

So. THAT’S why they are made so cute and make the heart go boom boom, (babies/kids/children). Somehow, making it all worth it. Even better than before. As you can plainly see.

Yesterday was my first post here and I can also be found on the Twitters!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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