Car Shopping Before and After Kids

I need a minivan. OK, maybe I don’t need one but I really, really want one. This is 180 degree reversal of my stated position on minivans dating back to about 1989. But in 1989 I was 16 and deeply concerned with all things cool. Minivans are not and never will be cool. But me? I’m not cool. I don’t need a cool car either. I need a car that can schlep. I need reliability, not style. I need safety features. I need tinted windows. I need LATCH systems. I need room for extra preschoolers so I can drive for field trips.

In short, my desire for a minivan is the ultimate triumph of the lust for function beating out the appeal of form.

I’m now in the process of researching minivans with the hopes of getting one before the year is out. Car shopping is one of those things that changes dramatically when you become a parent. Suddenly, all those safety features mean a lot more than they did when I was 25. And the things I need a car to do are pretty different than back in the day when road trips were my favorite weekend activity.

Here are a few of the ways car shopping changed for me:

  • Safety 1 of 9
    Guardian angels, please!
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  • Seating 2 of 9
    The more the merrier!
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  • Cargo Space 3 of 9
    Cargo Space
    Pack it in!
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  • Performance 4 of 9
    Do they make a nap-mobile?
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  • Size 5 of 9
    Coscto size is what I'm looking for.
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  • Appearance 6 of 9
    Like I care.
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  • Sounds System 7 of 9
    Sounds System
    Sure, I rock out. To the Wiggles.
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  • Warranty 8 of 9
    Um, what if a baseball breaks the window? From the inside?
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  • Financing 9 of 9
    Money, honey.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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