Cat Scratch Fever

Aw man, I knew this day was coming.

Lately (as in the last two months) Vivi has taken a liking to hiding under the dining table to poop. In the last month the cats have taken a liking to sitting between the dining table and sliding glass door to watch the squirrels and bunnies. Watching may be to light of a verb to use in this situation. SITTING AT HIGH ALERT WHILE MAKING WHIMPERING NOISES AT ANY MOVEMENT OUTSIDE is more like it. I’ve learned you don’t bother the cats during squirrel time, Vivi unfortunately hasn’t learned this valuable lesson of animal cohabitation.

She had finished off a good poop under the table and went on to give the cats a hug.

One of the cats didn’t take so kindly to her affection, by the time I made it over to the table both cats had taken off, scared by Vivi’s high pitched shrieks of terror. It wasn’t until I had her in my arms I noticed the blood dripping down her face.

I had to remind myself that faces bleed a lot, and once I got her cheek cleaned up and medicated it didn’t look so bad. It looks even better today. I realize there’s certain risks you have to deal with when you have babies and animals in the same space, especially cats on high squirrel alert. It’s a daily thing to try and teach Vivi the meaning of soft, but it’s going to take a bit longer to teach her not to sneak up on a cat.


I’m still not sure which cat is guilty of the swipe, although I have my suspicions. It’s a reminder that no matter how laid back your animals are (both of ours are super chill with the baby and one even guards her) you can never be to careful when they’re together under the table.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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