Celebrating Grayson’s 1st Birthday (Photos)

I’m not going to lie, I might have shed some tears a few days ago while rocking Grayson to sleep. I just can’t believe he is a year old. I am not quite sure where that year went, but it seriously flew by. Grayson was a serious fighter in the womb, and he had a rough first year (health wise), but the good outweighed the bad and I am just so happy he is healthy today. After a severely high-risk pregnancy, I feel like I just wrote this post yesterday while in labor, followed by Grayson’s birth story and photos. My baby is officially 12 months old — it’s just something I can’t quite get a handle on yet.

But, yesterday I wiped away my sad momma tears while we celebrated baby Gray. Once Andrew came home from work, we all headed over to my Grandmother’s house (Grayson’s great-grandmother) with our family. It was just a simple evening of playing outside on the deck, eating pizza and ice cream cake, and the birthday boy smiled and laughed the entire time.

Click through the photos to see how we celebrated Grayson’s first birthday! 

  • Celebrating ONE! 1 of 10
    graysons birthday

    We had such a great day celebrating Grayson's first birthday. Click through photos of his special day! 

  • Happy Birthday, Grayson! 2 of 10
    photo 2 (1)

    Grayson woke up smiling ear to ear as if he knew today was special. He was so excited to see all of his balloons waiting for him in the living room. 

  • So Happy 3 of 10
    photo 3

    I think that smile says it all! He loved celebrating his birthday. In fact, I could have probably just given him 20 balloons instead of toys. 

  • 1 Year-Old 4 of 10

    It's just so hard to believe how quickly these 12 months have flown by. Part of me is so sad he will soon be running all over the place but I am so excited for our years together to come. 

  • Tractor Time 5 of 10

    This tractor has been at my Grandmother's house since I was a kid. He loves it and enjoyed spending time outside on his beautiful day! 

  • Happy Birthday To You! 6 of 10

    We had some little sisters who couldn't wait to eat the melting ice cream cake, so we cut the cake and sang happy birthday. Grayson was mesmerized as we all gathered around the table. He laughed out loud and was so happy we were singing to him. 

  • Aunt Katie Love 7 of 10

    Of course we had to get a picture of Aunt Katie posing with her main man! How cute is this shot? Grayson looks like such a little man. 

  • Mommy and Grayson 8 of 10

    So happy I remembered to take a picture of Grayson and I. Before you know it, he won't be wanting to take pictures with me. I love this little guy so much! 

    Don't mind the under eye circles, this girl has been working very late hours so the no sleep thing, it's pretty obvious. 

  • Silly Boy 9 of 10

    The clothes had to come off while we all sat around the table eating cake at Mama's house. Ice cream cake is delish but it's a mess! The best part was watching Grayson enjoy every second. 

  • A Happy Day 10 of 10
    photo 1 (1)

    Grayson had such an amazing day. The only think we truly missed was my Dad who recently moved to New Mexico a few months ago. We sure did miss him! 

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