Celebrating One Year

Happy first birthday, gorgeous boy!
Happy first birthday, gorgeous boy!

This weekend, we celebrated Cullen’s first birthday. I was surprisingly weepy – more than I thought I would be. So many emotions – a year’s worth, really – all wrapped up into one day of reflection and celebration. I’m not sure that he knew anything special was happening, although he did love all the balloons bobbing around the living room.

The first birthday feels so big that I’m finding it hard to write about. I’ve spent a year writing, documenting, over-analyzing, photographing, and snuggling.  I have really challenged myself to stay in the moment and enjoy the present – to stop obsessing about the future or regretting the past. At the one year mark, I’m pretty happy with what I see when I look back.

My monthly updates tend to be really long and wordy, full of milestones and paragraphs all about development and current interests. This one is a little different – just some stats that stick out to me as we turn the page to O-N-E…

  • One 1 of 13
    ...year old.
  • Three hundred and sixty five 2 of 13
    Three hundred and sixty five
    ...memorable and incredible days.
  • Fifty five 3 of 13
    Fifty five
    ...hours of labor. Fifteen stitches. Three bouts of mastitis. All forgotten with just one of your smiles.
  • One 4 of 13
    ...totally awesome first birthday party.
  • Fifteen 5 of 13
    ...adults, seven babies, twenty balloons, three cakes.
  • One 6 of 13
    ...totally incredible little boy a lover of dancing, music, finding sticks, eating leaves, and goofing around with mom and dad as much as possible.
  • One 7 of 13
    ...full year of breastfeeding. Approximately thirty bottles taken over the course of an entire year. My longest stretch away from you in 365 days? Six hours.
  • Twenty one 8 of 13
    Twenty one
    ...pounds and six ounces. Thirty inches tall. Ninety eighth percentile for your giant head. Sorry kid, it runs in the family.
  • One or two 9 of 13
    One or two
    ...naps each day depending on the mood. Usually one to two hours each, on a good day. One wake-up each night, usually around four am. 365 times I have wondered if tomorrow you will sleep through the night.
  • Infinite 10 of 13
    ...number of kisses covering your chubby cheeks. Two baby shoes eaten by your favorite yellow dog last week in just ten minutes. Too many curse word's out of mom's mouth when she found them.
  • Thousands 11 of 13
    ...and thousands of photos of you, clogging up the hard drive on mom's laptop. Approaching zero memory left to spare. Three hours maximum in your stroller, seven in a hiking backpack! Eight baby teeth that love to chomp on pears, blueberries, avocado, and raspberries.
  • Two 12 of 13
    ...incredibly proud and grateful parents. Two drooly dogs that love sitting under your high chair. Countless conversations about how we can't remember life without you. Many parenting clichés we have become.
  • One 13 of 13
    ...happy, healthy, and hilarious little boy. Endless laughs all day long.

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