Guess Who! Celebrity Baby Photos Quiz

celebrity baby photos
Can you guess which celebrity is in each baby photo?

Sure they maybe rich, fabulous (subject to opinion) and famous – but celebrities started out just like we did – as babies!

You know there faces from the big screen, tv and tabloids – but that’s what they look like now.  What did they look like as babies? Let’s test your celebrity knowledge and baby photo guessing skills.

Here is a round up of 7 celebrities before they were famous. See if you can figure out who the baby photo belongs to, click the arrow to see the answer!

Good Luck!

  • He Signed Justin Bieber 1 of 15
    He Signed Justin Bieber

    This little guy grew up to debut his first album at the age of 15.

    Image source:

  • This Boy Can Dance! 2 of 15
    This Boy Can Dance!
    If you guessed USHER, you are correct!

    Image source:

  • He Dated Britney Spears 3 of 15
    He Dated Britney Spears

    When this baby grew up, he brought sexy back.

    Image source:

  • Was on the Mickey Mouse Club 4 of 15
    Was on the Mickey Mouse Club

    If you guessed JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, you are correct!

    Image source:

  • Not the First Time She’s Been Caught Topless 5 of 15
    Not the First Time She's Been Caught Topless

    She is why I cringe when I hear "that's hot".

    Image source:

  • Friends with Nicole Richie 6 of 15
    Friends with Nicole Richie
    If you guess PARIS HILTON, you are correct!

    Image source:

  • He Flies Airplanes 7 of 15
    He Flies Airplanes

    This baby grew up to dance the night away in Saturday Night Fever (and a few other movies)

    Image source:

  • Married to Kelly Preston 8 of 15
    Married to Kelly Preston
    If you guessed JOHN TRAVOLTA, you are correct!

    Image source:

  • Her Mother’s Name is Dina 9 of 15
    Her Mother's Name is Dina

    This former (sometimes) red head celebrity looks so innocent in the above photoss, but has spent the last several years in and out of trouble.

    Image source:

  • Child Actor 10 of 15
    Child Actor

    If you guessed LINDSEY LOHAN, you are correct!

    Image source:

  • Her Husband Looks Amazing in Boxer Briefs 11 of 15
    Her Husband Looks Amazing in Boxer Briefs

    This cutie got her start in a girl group and finally had a girl after having 3 boys.

    Image source:

  • She has 4 kids 12 of 15
    She has 4 kids

    If you guessed VICTORIA BECKHAM a.k.a. Posh, you are correct!

    Image source:

  • He has 6 kids 13 of 15
    He has 6 kids

    This future hottie has a partner who once wore blood around her neck.

    Image source:

  • HOTTIE! 14 of 15

    If you guessed BRAD PITT, you are correct!

    Image source:

  • Thanks for Playing! 15 of 15
    Thanks for Playing!
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How Did You Do?

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