Cute Baby Round Up: Mom's Share Their Favorite Cell Phone Baby Photos

Babies are cute and they grow quickly.  Because of this, people feel compelled (understandably so) to capture the cuteness while it lasts.

Many parents run out and buy a giant fancy DSLR to document all of their babies milestones, because these are moments frozen in time people – nothing but the best.  They read the user’s manual cover to cover and learn how to use all those lenses and even buy a cool camera bag.  And then, what happens inevitably for most people?  It barely ever gets used.  That jumbo camera makes it’s appearance on special zoo trips, birthdays and Christmas, but the rest of the year?  ….Not so much.

DSLR’s are great and take amazing photos, but the problem is they’re bulky and not practical for a parent who’s already toting around a baby, a diaper bag (and probably a laundry list of other items) to add to her list of things to bring.

So, how do parents capture these precious moments?  Via their camera phones!  Some may scoff, but the quality of cell phone photos has improved dramatically – especially with all the great photo apps.  And, in order to prove my point I got real mama’s to share their favorite cell phone baby photos and they are kind of ridiculously adorable.  Who says you need a fancy camera?

See the baby photo cuteness after the jump!

  • Ruby 1 of 13
    Baby bed head is maybe the cutest thing ever and Ruby is working this look.
  • Michael 2 of 13
    This little snarl is killing me! It's like he's thinking, "Seriously, you guys? More pictures? Don't you ever get bored?".
  • Poppy 3 of 13
    Pretty lighting + chubby baby cheeks and you can't go wrong.
  • Pearl 4 of 13
    You know what's cuter than a baby? A sleeping baby. You know what's cuter than that? A sleeping baby laying next to sleeping dogs.
  • Fern 5 of 13
    OK. I'm biased on this one, since she's mine, but I've gotta say the composition and black and white in this one left me pretty impressed with my photography skills (not to mention my cute person making skills!).
  • Eloise 6 of 13
    I love the bright colors and Eloise's beaming smile in this photo.
  • Harlow 7 of 13
    That curly hair - so adorable!
  • Tommy & Edie 8 of 13
    Tommy & Edie
    This photo captures big sister Edie teaching her brother Tommy to walk on the beach. This one is definitely frame-worthy.
  • Blaise 9 of 13
    What could possibly be cuter than babies + pets? Babies + dads. Nothing melts my heart more than a photo of a baby and daddy snuggling.
  • Gwyneth & Poppy 10 of 13
    Gwyneth & Poppy
    I love the spirit and action in this photo. It completely captures a perfect joyful moment.
  • Baby Girl Smith 11 of 13
    Baby Girl Smith
    Newborns are ridiculously cute and this little lady is no exception.
  • Beau 12 of 13
    The bright colors and patterns mixed with Beau's cute smile make this photo.
  • Ruthie & Afton 13 of 13
    Ruthie & Afton
    These darling twins deliver double the cuteness!

Thanks mamas for sharing your cute little ones!

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