The Funniest Diaper Changes Ever

  • Poopy Diaper 1 of 20
    This baby is pretty to the point about his need for a diaper change — and also pretty adorable while asking for one.
  • Dads Changing Diapers 2 of 20
    A cute compilation, complete with goggles and gas masks.
  • I Think Shes Going To Blow 3 of 20
    This mom insists the audio wasn’t edited in this clip — judge for yourself.
  • Funny Huggies Commercial 4 of 20
    This commercial dad is almost cute as his baby. But we love this clip because, really, what mom of a boy hasn’t experienced “The Geyser”?
  • Ericks Pee Pee Dance 5 of 20
    Here, a pee-filled diaper is a dance prop.
  • Pee Pee Dance 6 of 20
    And another boy’s rendition...
  • Jacob 7 of 20
    This little guy is a riot — not only is he smart enough to avoid sitting down when his diaper is dirty, he’s happy (and proud) to throw his dirty ones out for his mom.
  • Hilarious Laughing Baby 8 of 20
    An Australian commercial shows how even the most angelic girls have devilish diaper moments.
  • SNL Edible Diaper Spoof 9 of 20
    This SNL sketch takes the term “Diaper Disaster” to a new level.
  • Very Dirty Diaper 10 of 20
    A dirty diaper doesn’t have to be all work and no play. This little girl thinks hers is pretty funny — as does her mom.
  • Practice Makes Perfect 11 of 20
    This mamma-to-be gets her technique down pat by practicing on her cat!
  • 2009 Superbowl Commercial for Diaper Dads Everywhere 12 of 20
    Combining the clueless dad trend with the “ew” factor makes one successful Superbowl beer commercial.
  • Diaper Song 13 of 20
    This dad sings an original diaper changing song to get psyched up.
  • The Sweet Swell Of…Diapers? 14 of 20
    At the 3:30 mark in this Early Show clip, Sarah Jessica Parker shares how much she loves the smell of her children — even their diapers.
  • BabyLove Commercial 15 of 20
    Introducing the “Number 3,” also referred to as “poo explosions.”
  • Baby Claire Pees On Mommy 16 of 20
    Mom gets peed on — and laughs it off.
  • Jaxson Pees on Daddy 17 of 20
    Now it’s Dad’s turn to get peed on...and he’s not exactly laughing about it.
  • Look Who’s Talking Diapers 18 of 20
    These gabbing babies were dishing on diapers years before the E-Trade commercials went viral,. Bonus cute points for the Kiwi accents.
  • Diaper Cream As Hair Gel 19 of 20
    What happens when an unassuming toddler uses diaper cream to style his hair.
  • Potty Training Song 20 of 20
    This dad saves the singing for potty training.
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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