Flip, Kick, Let Me Help – Fun On The Changing Table

keeping babies calm on changing tablesBetween our 2 younger kids, I change at least 12 diapers a day.  Our 27 month old and our 11 month old, both have the same reaction everytime I put them on the changing table. They instantly become Karate Kid – except their babies… so Karate Baby.

Kick. Flip. Punch. And then my favorite (not) the  LET ME HELP maneuver. Oh let me tell you how much fun changing massive poo is while your baby doing his karate routine. Not fun AT all. 

No More Changing Table Pad Cover

I no longer put a cover on the changing tables. Something I realized after having Zeke was that the changing table pad cover was meant to be cute and decorative.  The cute sock monkey changing table cover that matches my toddler’s room is no more. I am tired of washing it and a coverless changing table pad is a lot easier to clean (thank you wipes!). The white changing table cover for Zeke’s room, was never a good idea anyways.

keep a toy handy on changing table

Secret to Successful Diaper Changing

I have finally found a little trick to help calm the chaos and reduce the kicks. While it’s not a sure fire answer each and every time – it works. I started keeping a small toy on the shelf next to the changing table – think Hot Wheel car, sensory ball something small that they can hold in their hands. Before I set either of the babies on a changing table, I give them the toy. That gives them 5 seconds to think “what is this” while I get them on the table and hurry style try to change them. The toy gives them some type of distraction – though I will admit, the toy has been thrown at me on a few occasions, and one blessed day the toy landed in poo. Needless to say, that toy is no more.

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I still have at least 6 more months of changing 2 in diapers – any help I can get is appreciated. So tell me what your secret is to keeping your baby calm on the changing table?

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