Checking In: 2. Weeks. Old.


Already! Halfway through our first month together and while everything still feels like a bit of a blur, we couldn’t be more in love. With her, our boy, our family – each-other. MOOSH. I know.

I have to admit that we lucked out in the newborn department. Abigail saves her moments of fussing for the daytime and sleeps like an angel throughout the night waking 2 or 3 times to feed peacefully, falling right back asleep.


Things are vastly different from my last time around. It’s still hard work, but thankfully, minus the low flow and open wounds. I’m still not spraying like a fountain, but I think things are all good. She is gaining weight steadily and we’ll find out tomorrow how close she is to being back to birth weight.

I’m going to start pumping next week to see just how much I am producing and start up on my freezer storage. We will be introducing a bottle sometime in the second month for the mister to have his time and give me the occasional break. Heck, by month three I might be able to go out for a night with the girls! Not that I am hankering for it or anything…well, okay maybe a little. But mostly, I am just reveling in life as is.

During the day and early evening she is a cluster-feeder extraordinaire, which can be trying with work to do and a toddler who wants mommy to pick him up too, during some of those choice times. I’m getting into it. Not easy, but doable. While the cluster feeding makes getting anything else done near impossible (although I have mastered one-handed typing. Doing it now….), it’s great for the stimulation of my milk-ducts, our cuddle-time and for Abby learning how to become a pro.



This is a toughie sometimes. Once she’s down for the count, it’s all good. But. It can take nothing short of 45 min. to an hour of swaddling, rocking, bum pats, walking, soft singing, etc., to get there. I don’t want to get into the habit of holding her all the time to fall asleep. At this early stage I know that my warmth, the sound of my voice, gentle touches and the feel of my heartbeat are the most soothing things to her. So of course, she shall get as much of that as realistically possible.

Not that I’m complaining. Having her curled up on me like a kitten but only better – is sheer bliss. So I wade between letting her stay there, or on the manling and moving her between us on the bed and the bassinet or her little vibe chair. That way she is getting used to sleeping in her other cozy spots, not just on me or her dad.


Lil’ Abner, (can’t help it, I just want to call her this) is becoming more alert every day. She loves looking at our faces up close and gets super quiet and focused when we talk to her. She loves it, I can tell. I can also tell she is fascinated with her brother. And he with her, thank-goodness! He talks to her in this adorable sing-song voice and is getting steadily more gentle with her than rough. Last night he went to bed chattering on about her, saying her name over and over again in as he nodded off to dream-land. He responds to her cries immediately, saying, ‘uh-oh, Abby cry’. You know that’s cute. C’mon.



The mister leaves on August 18th for a short(ish) round of touring until August 28th. We’ve enlisted the troops (family/friends) to be here for some of the days, but not all of the spots are filled. I must confess to being a tad bit daunted by the thought of being on my own with 2 wee ones, at this early stage in the game.

Are you a momma who’s partner is a touring musician or travels a lot for business? How did you fare/cope if/when he had to leave during the postpartum period? Especially with other kids in the mix?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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