Choking Hazards Are The Bane Of My Existence

baby eating packing tape
recently Fuzz's mouth.

Fuzzball has ten solid months of babyhood under his belt. Since about four months, he’s been jamming stuff in his mouth, but back then, he could really only grab bigger things and mostly toys I’d give him, or my phone (something nearby).

Now that he is fully mobile, and very curious about every little thing, his mouth is like a giant exploratorium. He’s all about using all his senses. He sees, he grabs, he inspects, and he licks, sucks on, or shoves any object in his mouth. The other day, my black flat had been licked from toe to heel, and I lunged to take the thing away from him within seconds of him grabbing it. He’s fast.

In this photo, I’ve just fished some packing tape out of his mouth, from one of our cardboard moving boxes. Sigh.

While most toys and such are fine for him to explore with his tongue, I’m not ok with a lot of other objects that are floating around our Vermont house right now. We’re still getting settled, so all of us are a little out of sorts with the routine, and I have not set up a safe space for him here thus far. It’s kind of a tiny little cabin so I’m not sure where I’d do it yet.

There have been a couple of near misses with items that I ordinarily keep away from him at all times. For example, his brother, who will be three at the end of the week, is a great chewer and is finally allowed to eat whole nuts. Ever since we started giving him any food at all we’ve been on him to “chew chew chew” which so far, he does diligently. However, even though he knows that Fuzz cannot have anything small, and that he was supposed to be eating his nuts in the other room away from Fuzz, somehow he spilled a small bowl of nuts on the carpet right near Fuzz, when I was not there to see it.

He is sub-three, after all. He spills stuff hourly.

Luckily, I saw it before Fuzz got near it. Phew.

There are so many reasons why Fuzz getting a nut in his mouth is so not cool.

1. Choking hazard, obviously.

2. We aren’t sure whether or not he is allergic to nuts. Thus far, even though they’ve changed the rules about when babies can or should have nuts again, I haven’t given him any. I waited a year for the other kid, and he seems to be fine with nuts, so I’m going to do the same for Fuzz.

Regardless, it freaked me out a bit. No more nuts for Shnook  in this house for a while, methinks.

How do you keep your baby away from choking hazards? Especially if you have an older one whose toys and snacks are too small for the baby?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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