Choosing Eli’s First Thanksgiving Outfit

I know no one really decides to have a baby so they can dress them up, but I would be lying if I said that isn’t a small part of the fun. Baby clothes are inherently adorable and there’s something so very fun about holiday outfits, especially the ones for baby’s first holiday.

As Eli’s first Thanksgiving is barreling towards us, we are at an impasse with which outfit should commemmerate the occasion. Thankfully (see what I did there?) we’ll be celebrating at least 2 Thanksgivings, so if we can’t decide, we can pick two. And maybe a set of jammies. I have a sickness and there are so many adorable options.

As my husband and I continue to fight, I’m freely soliciting opinions today. These are the 9 Thanksgiving items we’re choosing among, which are your favorites?

  • Suspenders and Bowtie! 1 of 9
    Suspenders and Bowtie!
    This onesie caught my eye for it's simplicity and lack of particularly noisy Thanksgiving-ness. If that makes sense. It's a subtle and adorable nod at the holiday, and I like the minimalism of it. My husband thinks it's much too plain for a first Thanksgiving outfit, though he wants to buy it just for fun. At least we can agree it's pretty darn cute.
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  • Turkey Tie! 2 of 9
    Turkey Tie!
    I promise they're not all suspenders and ties, but I'm sorry, this one kills me with cute. The little turkey face on the tie is just such a perfect Thanksgiving touch. My husband loves this one, I like it a lot, but think it's one of those only wear once kind of onesies, which I am not as enthusiastic about purchasing.
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  • My First Turkey Day! 3 of 9
    My First Turkey Day!
    I like this one because it's perfect for a picture for a photo album. It commemorates the occasion and is simple and playful, just like my kiddo, but it's definitely a wear once kind of thing.
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  • Turkey Vest and Tie! 4 of 9
    Turkey Vest and Tie!
    This one is my husband's very favorite and it's very high on my list, too. Though it's perhaps a little formal for a dinner at home (and I'm a little worried about whether it's comfortable, he is a baby after all), I can already see the pictures that we'd take in this get up. Nothing like a little formal bow tie to celebrate the best dinner of the year!
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  • Turkey Dinner! 5 of 9
    Turkey Dinner!
    I love this one, there's something so very whimsical about it. And even though Eli won't be actually eating any turkey, it's still a pretty cute way to mark the day. This one is probably my current favorite of the bunch.
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  • Dizzy Turkey! 6 of 9
    Dizzy Turkey!
    This one is a little less formal and a little more fun than some of the others and we like that too. Though I'm not sure how often Eli would wear it, it does seem to be wearable more than once since it's not super specifically Thanksgiving and is long sleeved, which is pretty important this time of year.
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  • Pumpkin Pie! 7 of 9
    Pumpkin Pie!
    This one seems perfect for 2 reasons: First, one of Eli's nicknames or terms of endearment, I guess, is Pumpkin. And lately, for whatever reason, we've called him Pumpkin Pie. Second, it's perfect since Eli LOVES pumpkin and his dad's favorite food is pumpkin pie. It's a contender for sure!
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  • Little Turkey! 8 of 9
    Little Turkey!
    I know I've said it before, but this is one of my favorites. It's possible I have 10 favorites. I like this one because it's Thanksgiving-y, but also because sometimes, Eli totally is a little turkey. And this one he could definitely rewear, though the short sleeves are kind of a bummer.
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  • Turkey Hat! 9 of 9
    Turkey Hat!
    I have recently become totally obsessed with all the adorable baby hats (stay tuned for more of that from me soon), and this one is just so entirely perfect, I cannot stand it. I desperately want to get this for Eli, even if he only gets to wear it once. It's just so stinking cute.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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