6 Cloth Diapering Myths, Debunked

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With a new baby in the house comes many decisions — crib-sleeping vs. co-sleeping, nursing vs. bottle feeding, pacifier vs. thumb sucking. And diaper method (cloth vs. disposable) is no exception!

There are many misconceptions about cloth diapering, some of which used to be true while others were never the case. I wanted to debunk the most popular ones so you can make an educated decision for your baby.

Now let’s get down to the truth …

Myth #1: Cloth diapers are expensive.

While some cloth diapers are expensive and you can end up going a little overboard with the shopping, you can still save more money than you would buying disposables. It all depends on the style, quality, and quantity you choose to invest in. Diapers can cost as little as $21.95 per dozen.

Myth #2: Cloth diapers are gross.

This is simply not true! Cloth diapering geniuses have created tools and accessories to make washing them very easy.

Gone are the days of swishing your child’s soiled diapers in the toilet with your hands. Breastfed babies’ diapers, poop and all, can be sprayed off into the toilet or thrown right into the washer. (Diaper sprayers, the Spray Pal, and flushable liners all make flushing the poop effortless.) Be sure to consult each cloth brand’s wash and care tips for making sure your diapers are cleaned and sanitized properly.

Side Note: Did you know that disposable diaper packaging states, in fine print, that you’re not actually supposed to throw human waste in the garbage? You’re supposed to shake it off into the toilet before tossing the diaper.

Myth #3: Cloth diapering is complicated.

Sure, there are a ton of styles, sizes, and options available but cloth diapering can be as simple as you decide to make it. If you find a diaper style or washing method that works for you then stick with it. The World Wide Web is chock full of cloth diaper resources so you can consult Google if/when an issue arises. But if your cloth diapering method ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Myth #4: Cloth diapers require special detergent.

Not true! While specialty detergents like Eco Sprout and Molly’s Suds are available for those looking for a non-toxic, biodegradable, and cloth diaper-safe laundry soap, many cloth diapering families use mainstream detergents with great success.

Myth #5: Cloth diapers are a big commitment. 

There are no rules in cloth diapering — choose to use one cloth diaper per day, cloth diaper only during the day, only when you’re at home, or all the time. Your cloth commitment is completely up to you! Just one cloth diaper changed per day in lieu of a disposable will save you from buying and tossing 365 disposable diapers a year!

Myth #6: Cloth diapering requires a ton of accessories.

From cloth wipes and wet bags to diaper sprayers and wool dryer balls, there are certainly a lot of options when it comes to accessorizing. Aside from your cloth diapers, detergent, and a cloth diaper-safe rash cream, it’s completely up to you if you want to try and make cloth diapering easier or more fun by purchasing additional accessories.

Interested in learning more? Find out about the cloth diaper methods and brands that are right for you.

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