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It is bad enough style suffers in your first year as a mother, but I think I am being hit with two major violations from the fashion police.

One for being a new mom even though I am pretty much a veteran at this point.

And one for being a work-at-home mom. But why would being a work at home mom really impact my style choices? 

Because I do not have to leave the house and go into an office. Nine times out of ten the only people who are going to see me for the day are my kids, and seriously I am not trying to look like I am strutting down a red carpet to impress them.

Of course I want to look cute when my husband is home for the day, but I could have yoga pants with a tank top on and my husband would think I was just as beautiful as the day we met … 13 years ago … EEEK!  And that is why I love him!

So I thought I would put together some of our biggest fashion victim violations of moms who work from home, but also have a baby who is under a year old.

  • Yoga Pants 1 of 12
    Yoga Pants
    Yoga pants are probably the only kind of pants I wear Monday through Friday if I don't have to leave the house.
    I can drop off, and pick up the boys at school in them, and no one really looks at me funny.
    I could always totally use the excuse of going to the gym if I had to!
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Baggy T-Shirts 2 of 12
    Baggy T-Shirts
    Baggy shirts!
    You know the ones... some were your high school gym class shirts you still have and somehow still fit into.
    They must have been BIG back in the day right?
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Socks with Sandals 3 of 12
    Socks with Sandals
    Socks with Sandals!
    You know you are an offender of this one, many of us are!
    I use my sandals as house shoes, and honestly... my feet are always cold.
    I swear I have an excuse!
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Hoodies AKA Hooded Sweat Shirts 4 of 12
    Hoodies AKA Hooded Sweat Shirts
    I LIVE in Hoodies in the winter time.
    They have to be one of the ugliest, most unflattering trends though.
    But I will take warmth over style when it comes to the winter time... I do live in New England.
  • Visible Nursing Apparel 5 of 12
    Visible Nursing Apparel
    Nursing apparel that the whole world can see.
    Nursing tank tops, nursing bras under a tank top... nursing tank tops as an actual shirt...
    The list goes on!
  • Headbands 6 of 12
    BUT not just ANY kind of headbands!
    There are TWO main offenders!
    1) The headband that is either your daughter's or LOOKS like it belongs on your daughter!
    Or 2) The headband which is really just there to mask or hide the fact that you haven't washed your hair in days.
    You know you have been there! Photo credit: Flickr
  • The Hair Bun 7 of 12
    The Hair Bun
    According to one of my readers, Brando - Everyday is a bun day.
    I can totally relate because before I chopped all my hair off I fell right into the bun of doom trap!
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Sweat Pants 8 of 12
    Sweat Pants
    Inside, and outside the home
    It all comes back to the warmth thing for me!
    Sweat pants were submitted by my reader Laura, alongside of Pajama's outside of the house. EEEK!
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • The Muffin Top 9 of 12
    The Muffin Top
    I am as much of a victim as the next mom who has done this.
    Those pre-pregnancy pants that REALLY still don't fit... don't try and squeeeeeeze into them.
    Muffin tops are NOT your friend!
  • Baby’s Latest Bowel Movement 10 of 12
    Baby's Latest Bowel Movement
    You know you have done it...
    Wearing something you didn't realize had poop, or puke on it.
    This picture is actually mine, I was in the mall and sat Addie right on my lap only to realize a couple moments later I now had YELLOWISHGREEN baby poop on my pants!
  • Pre-Pregnancy Bras 11 of 12
    Pre-Pregnancy Bras
    Take a moment to mourn the loss of the bras you wore before you had kids.
    Because if you try and shove your boobs back in you will realize it is going to be really uncomfortable.
    Believe me... I've done it at home and pealed my old bra off crying.
    NO JOKE!
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Pajama Jeans! 12 of 12
    Pajama Jeans!
    You know you are as much of a victim of these as I am!
    As soon as I heard about JEANS that were really stretch pants... I was SO there!
    Photo credit: Flickr

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