Colic — Notes From The Trenches

On Tuesday, I walked out of Kara’s 1-month check up carrying the dreaded colic handout. You know, the paper that tells you that your baby has this mysterious condition that no one knows how to treat — a condition that pretty much ensures that every member of your family is going to suffer, because your baby is going to scream her head off all night, every night, for WEEKS? That paper.

My son had a touch of colic, so, I know the routine, but with Kara, it is just so much more intense. I mean, whoa. Make it stop, just make the crying stop.

I feel like we’ve already tried all of so-called remedies. I have eliminated the usual suspects from my diet (dairy, caffeine), we’ve tried the gas drops, the swing, rocking, swaying, laying her on her belly across my lap, white noise, etc., etc.

I have to say, colic is about a million times worse when you have other children to take care of. There is no sleeping when the baby sleeps, because you have to care for your other child, and the crying, well, it affects everyone in the home negatively.

Kara’s pediatrician reassured me that we are not doing anything wrong, and that colic is just something we will need to navigate in the best way we can. He also told us that it should be subsiding by 2 months.

To complicate matters, even nursing doesn’t soothe her during the colicky hours. In fact, she screams and fights at the breast like it is causing her major belly pain to eat. Want to talk about feeling like a failure? Yep, it’s pretty bad, especially after not sleeping for days.

Was your baby colicky? HOW did you cope?

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Cry, cry, cry: The (not entirely reassuring) research on colic

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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