Committing to Organics for Baby

These decisions feel so much more important now!

The time has come for Cullen to start eating solids, and to stop exclusively relying on the boobs.  While breastfeeding certainly has its own set of challenges, it also makes a lot of decisions and situations much, much easier.  For five months I haven’t really had to worry about what Cullen is eating or the source of his food.

My husband and I are pretty serious about nutrition and health – we care a lot about what we eat and where it comes from.  So naturally, when considering food for our baby, we’re taking it pretty seriously.  

I headed to the grocery store last week to pick up our weekly haul, this time including a few extra items so that I can start preparing Cullen’s first foods.  With the vegetables and fruits in hand, I suddenly realized how much more important the organic label felt.  We tend to buy organics for ourselves 75% of the time, but now that Cullen is here I wonder if I shouldn’t bite the bullet and commit to fully buying organic.

The reality is that organic is more expensive.  We all know that.  But that price also comes with reassurance that our food is more free of chemicals and harmful pesticides.  If we commit to buying organic, I’ll need to be mindful to spend less in other areas, but I think that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  It’s amazing how much more powerful these decisions feel once we are making them for our children.

How do you feel about organic vs. conventional for babies?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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