Comparing All Pain to That of Child Birth

child birth pain
A photo I never thought I'd publish. Me during labor enduring the pain of child birth.

Have you ever discovered something about yourself that you find EXTREMELY annoying. Basically you annoy yourself.

Today I discovered an annoying habit that has me pubically apologizing if I have ever put you through. Ever since realizing this I am trying to figure out why must I think like this!

Here’s the deal: I compare just about any type of pain to that of child birth

For example, today the brows were just way too out of control for my liking. The aesthetician waxed away and then commented, wow you didn’t flench. “I’ve given birth to 4 kids, this is nothing.” She responded “I’ve given birth to 3, and I still flench”.

Uhm, why did I tell her that? Any why did I just relive child birth via an eyebrow waxing? Annoying…

Thinking further on this, I do this comparing the pain of child birth to well just about any pain. And it’s only started after having my fourth kid.

  • I fell down the stairs, I shrugged it off – “it’s not as painful as child birth”.
  • Massive migraine. “This isn’t as bad as delivering a baby.”
  • Menstrual cramps. “Oh God those contractions were hell. This will pass.”

Thankfully this annoying habit is typically in regards to me. Well typically, and then sometimes it’s referenced to other people.

  • A fellow mommy friend told me of passing kidney stones – oh you can do that, you’ve given birth to a child.
  • My husband gets a vasectomy, “Suck it up buddy, I pushed out 4 kids for your ass.”

Sometimes I do want to say to my 6 year old who is crying about a bloody nose… BLOODY NOSE and you are crying?  I carried you 41 weeks and then pushed you out with no drugs – so if you think your bloody nose is bad imagine the pain I was in.

So I am trying to psycho-analyze this. Why must I be all child birth pain obsessed?! Why must any pain infliction be compared to that of delivering a baby?  What is wrong with my head? Is this the consequence of having 4 kids?

Maybe, just maybe – child birth scarred me. Either that or this is my body’s secret way of paying me back for not saying yes to the epidural.

Do You Compare Pain to that of Child Birth?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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