Confessions of an Ex-Wipe Warmer User

Image source: Thinkstock
Image source: Thinkstock

Even if you haven’t used it, chances are you’ve seen it — the baby wipe warmer.

While opening gifts at my first baby shower over 9 years ago, I received my first baby wipe warmer. As I opened the gift and showed it to the party, the comments started flying towards me:

Your baby will love it!

What has this world come to? A warmer for wipes?

Everyone has an opinion on this baby product, but seeing I received it as a present, I thought I’d give it a try when our baby girl arrived.

Our baby girl had no complaints when it came to wipes warm when cleaning her tooshy.

Then came our second child, a boy. Again with the wipe warmer, why not? Our first seemed to love it!

Our third came along and I had given everything baby away. We bought another wipe warmer and well, he too liked it!

Our fourth arrived, and we bought yet ANOTHER wipe warmer since we had 2 in diapers, and 2 nurseries — we’d need 2 wipes warmers.

Maybe these people just don’t realize how great this wipe warmer is? I mean, our babies LOVE it! 

And then something happened. My toddler got a hold of his wipe warmer and it ended up MIA. Then I realized that the wipe warmer in our baby’s room needed a new pad, so I unplugged it thinking I’d buy a pad for it.

That was over 2 months ago. Um, I had more important things to purchase obviously because that never happened. Guess what? Diaper changes have gone on and not once while having their butts wiped has one of our babies said “Yo Mom, stop it with the cold wipes! I want my wipes warm.” Well maybe they didn’t say that exactly.

While I will say that the wipe warmer does provide extra moisture to the wipes — is it by any means a necessity on the baby product list? No.

Does baby like their wipes warmed? Probably so, but honestly if you were wearing a dirty diaper — I think you would just want that thing cleaned, warm wipes or not!

Added bonus? This mom has reclaimed 5 minutes of her life every week by not watering the wipe warmers! Don’t judge, that’s 4.333333 hours or 260 minutes or 15,600 seconds. Time doesn’t come cheap people.

So, here I confess to being an ex-wipe warmer user. So long box that sits awkwardly with a long plug in the nursery. I am passing you along to my pregnant niece. May you keep her wipes warm for years to come. I can’t believe I once put you on a mommy must have list. I guess I’ve grown as a mom. *Molly pats self on the back*



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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