If You Think Babies are Expensive – Just Wait Until the Teen Years

babys are expensiveThe costs of having a child is absurd. There is the cost of prenatal care. The medical expenses associated having a baby. Then the actual costs of baby stuff. There’s the stroller, the car seat, the diapers and wipes, the list of baby expenses goes on and on.  While you may think these are the first few years of having a baby are the most expensive years – think again. 

Suncorp Bank released a study in regards to what years are the most expensive in the course of raising a child.

The verdict?

The teen years.

So not only do you get to look forward to the loveliness of puberty and a rebellious teenagers – you now can look forward to needing more money than you are spending now.

The majority of the money you will spend will be spent on food. It’s the biggest single weekly expense when raising a child. Food is cheapest when your child is a toddler at approximately $38 a week – and most expensive for teenagers, adding $75 to the grocery bill.

This is just a guess – maybe the study included the need for therapy while raising teenagers? Just a guess.

image source: heybabyshop

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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