Family Halloween Fails and Funnies: 15 Craziest Parent/Baby Costumes

Like I'm really one to judge. I stuck my baby in a cage on her first Halloween and this year my other baby is going to be wearing a beaver tail and a bill.

Congratulations! It’s your first Halloween with your new bundle of joy. Being able to dress your baby up in an adorable costume is one of the unspoken perks of parenthood. Most parents I know spend weeks contemplating what they are going to dress their little cherub up in. I even have some friends who purchase multiple costumes just because they can (not ironically, these are the same people who have pets with multiple costumes.)

But sometimes parents can cross the unspoken boundaries of dressing up their babies. Suddenly instead of wearing a cute costume, the baby becomes a pawn in a horrible idea hatched by their responsible caregiver in what was surely a moment of sleepless insanity. What follows are these … ideas

  • Never break the chain 1 of 15
    Never break the chain
    The bonus of a chain bra? Way better than those old-school cabbage leaves to help with engorgement.
    Photo credit: Freaky Family Costumes
  • Let’s take a dip 2 of 15
    Let's take a dip
    At some point this mom thought "I'LL DRESS MY BABY AS A CORN CHIP!" and then it happened.
    Photo credit:
  • Lil’ Herb Alpert LP 3 of 15
    Lil' Herb Alpert LP
    Nothing like showing loyalty to your favorite trumpet player like dressing your baby up like whipped cream and wearing her on a giant record case. Genius.
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Today’s special: Lobster bisque baby 4 of 15
    Today's special: Lobster bisque baby
    We're pretty sure on any other day of the year this photo would be enough evidence for Child Protection Services to pay a visit. #disturbing
    Photo credit: Facebook
  • Home baked goods 5 of 15
    Home baked goods
    Remember when Kramer smothered himself in butter and Newman pictured him as a delicious turkey? I'd feel guilty about wanting to eat the baby head cupcake all night.
    Photo credit:
  • You are the father! 6 of 15
    You are the father!
    There's no question of paternity with this Halloween getup. (This was for Halloween, right?)
    Photo credit:
  • The Keebler Elf and his Tree 7 of 15
    The Keebler Elf and his Tree
    The family that bakes cookies in trees together, stays together.
    Photo credit:
  • A little magic out of a hat 8 of 15
    A little magic out of a hat
    This is how babies are really made! (We think mom just wanted an excuse to wear that cocktail dress that's been hanging in the back of the closet all these years.)
    Photo credit:
  • Who Lives in a Pinapple Under the Sea? 9 of 15
    Who Lives in a Pinapple Under the Sea?
    Wow Spongebob, what bouncy...eyes you have. And Patrick, you're looking very...phallic.
    Photo credit:
  • The golden ticket 10 of 15
    The golden ticket
    The's...I mean...and the blue? This family takes the prize.
    Photo credit:
  • Woodland, um, Creatures? 11 of 15
    Woodland, um, Creatures?
    School play or Halloween costume gone wrong? And is that the mushroom from Mario Bros.?
    Photo credit: Martha Stewart
  • Swimming with sharks 12 of 15
    Swimming with sharks
    Sure, it's all fun and games until someone gets bit.
    Photo credit: WTF Costumes
  • It’s alive! 13 of 15
    It's alive!
    Too many jokes come to mind with this one, all too inappropriate. Let's just say that this will be a great pic to show the future in-laws.
    Photo credit: CostumePop
  • Hot dogs, 50 cents! 14 of 15
    Hot dogs, 50 cents!
    Desperate cry for help or ingenious family costume?
    Photo credit: Blueberry Junkie
  • Get out of my face! 15 of 15
    Get out of my face!
    Don't have a baby to dress up? There's always this option.
    Photo credit: WTF Costumes

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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