Create an Emergency Diaper Kit for the Car

I would say that around 75% of the time, I leave the house with a well stocked diaper bag.  The other 25% of the time, I find myself ill-prepared for situations I get myself and my children in.

I find this especially true during the warmer months, when we’re spending more time at splash pads, playgrounds, and the zoo.

A couple of months ago, I got completely fed up with my lack of diaper bag planning, I spent a few minutes creating a small, bare bones emergency kit to keep in the back of my minivan.

This kit is not a substitute for my diaper bag, just added security to ease my mind that I’m not leaving the house without the essentials.

My emergency car kit:

  • The Kit 1 of 6
    I keep my emergency diaper essentials kit in the trunk area of my minivan.
  • Snacks and Socks 2 of 6
    Just in case we get stuck in an epic traffic jam, I always keep a few bags of snacks in the box. I also keep a few pairs of clean kids socks at hand, for impromptu visits to the bounce house or YMCA, where socks are required.
  • Band-Aids and Sunscreen 3 of 6
    Because forgetting sunscreen and band-aids can always cause a trip to the playground to be cut short.
  • Swaddle, Onesie and Burp Cloth 4 of 6
    The three baby essentials. A lightweight swaddle blanket to protect baby from the elements or to be used as a breastfeeding privacy shield, a onesie for unexpected diaper accidents, and a burp cloth.
  • Wipes and Trash Bag. 5 of 6
    Every emergency kit needs a good stash of wipes that can be used to clean up so many messes. I also always have a few plastic bags ready and waiting, to be used as either a carsick bag, or to tie up unfortunate messes.
  • Diapers, Diapers, and more Diapers 6 of 6
    It's the summertime, so I always have a few swim diapers in my stash as well as my everyday go-to diapers.

This is a bare bones kit you can build upon. Other things that would make a great addition to the kit might be a couple unopened bottles of water, a $5 bill and some spare change, and maybe even an extra t-shirt for yourself. You know, just in case…
Do you have an emergency kit in your car? What items do you keep close?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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