Creating a Baby Space At a Big People Party (in a tiny apartment)

IMG_6009I live in New York City in an incredibly small apartment but I don’t let this stop me though from having friends. Now that my friends and I have brought babies into the mix, the party has gotten extra crowded. Add in all of the baby gear that has taken over my home, it’s hard to keep a cleared space for company.

With babies under foot it can be stressful ensuring that little fingers don’t get stepped on. Add the babies’ toys and the adults are on double duty making sure they don’t step on those and get hurt themselves. So, for my last party, I created a small baby crawl area and it was a big hit. The babies stayed on one, viewable side of the room most of the time with different parents flowing in and out and to entertain them.

I put down a couple of outdoor cushion seats and then lined toys all around. While I don’t have much space, I still was mindful to keep the baby space small lest the moms all end-up segregated play-date style. I made sure to toss in a few items that were new to my own girls like the life jacket, kitchen bowl and a bag of scarves. The toddlers dressed-up the babies, the babies loved the attention from the toddlers and the parents enjoyed the break.

Have any tips for mixing baby and adult parties?

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