Crib Bumpers Dangerous? Chicago Thinks So!

Should crib bumpers be banned? Chicago thinks so!
Should crib bumpers be banned? Chicago thinks so!

Is your crib bumper dangerous? Apparently the city of Chicago thinks enough so to ban selling them. With a unanimous vote this past week – it is now illegal to sell crib bumpers in the city of Chicago. Chicago is the first city to implement such a ban.

Several experts say that the crib bumpers can suffocate a baby if their heads get near the padded guard and can’t move away – or if a baby gets wedged between a crib bumper and mattress.

With my first 3 kids, the crib bumper was the center of our nursery. I chose it and then based the room on whatever went with the bumper. With Zeke, our latest babe – I opted for no bumper in his nursery.

I had never thought about the risk in regards to bumpers and our other kids when they were babies. It was one of those, everyone was doing it type of things that you just bought for the nursery. With this baby, while I understand the risks are small – I just would rather not take the chance. Especially since the main reason we used bumpers in the past was for looks. Using bumpers for protection was never a reason for my past crib bedding purchases.

It appears there is a debate over safety concerns and bumpers between the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. Both parties do agree on one thing: not to place pillows, stuffed animals and blankets with infants in cribs because of suffocation risks.

Addition: While this is something parents should be aware of cautious of – implementing a law banning the sell of bumpers is a bit extreme. I agree with Roni’s comment on this – “Making things like this law is scary…”

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