Crying Baby Contest Held in Japan

6241060744_cb7eca2ec7_bThere is no sound in the world that makes me more upset than the sound of a baby crying. Even after having three kids, I hate it when I hear them cry. It not only makes my heart ache, but it is also not very pleasing to my ears.

Most parents will try nearly anything to get our baby to stop crying. But sumo wrestlers in Japan are doing quite the opposite. The Nakizumo Festival in Japan holds a contest to see which baby can cry first. Sumo wrestlers hold babies and attempt to make them cry by making strange noises and faces, some even attempt to make them cry by putting on scary masks. The sumo wrestler that is holding the baby that starts to cry first wins. If two babies start crying at the same time, then the baby who is crying the loudest is the winner.

While this may seem like a cruel form of entertainment for many of us, the contest is based on deep tradition in the Japanese culture. Many believed that the cry from a baby would scare away demons which would mean that the child would live a healthy life.

With that belief, I’m sure that many mothers in Japan are willing to enter their baby in the contest. I respect their belief, but I personally don’t think I could put my son in a contest that is deliberately meant to make him cry. There is no reason for me to frighten him to make him cry, he does it plenty on his own at home without me having to make any weird noises or faces.

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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