My Baby's Cutest Photos From Month 7

Fern Winter turned seven months old last week and we had our monthly photo shoot. It seems like every day she is discovering new things. (See Month 1 , Month 2Month 3 , Month 4Month 5 and Month 6 photo shoots to compare!) She’s getting more personality every day and she’s making funny, new sounds and trying lots of new things…but still not crawling!

This month Fern decided she prefers stomach sleeping, shed some light on the reality behind her cutest photos, and shared her love for rap music with the world.

I am documenting Fern’s first year of life by doing a round up of my favorite photos from that month and taking her photo in front of our chalkboard and making a list of her likes and dislikes.

See Fern’s likes and dislikes and best photos from this past month after the jump!

Fern likes:

*the “Slippery Fish” song, *fruit, *sneaking out of bed, *mirrors, *her musical shaker egg, *swimming, *the sound of her own voice, *sleeping on her stomach

Fern dislikes:

*sitting still to eat, *vegetables, *keeping her diaper on, *when we stop her from watching TV, *sleeping on her back

Fern’s best photos from this month:

  • Puppy Friend 1 of 15
    Puppy Friend
    This was snapped while Fern was at a photo shoot with me. I was doing the styling and she was hanging out, but I just couldn't resist taking advantage of a pretty white wall, lovely wood floors and a cute little doggy with a few quick photos.
  • Tummy Sleeper 2 of 15
    Tummy Sleeper
    This month Fern decided she prefers stomach sleeping. This was a photo I snuck the first time she flipped herself over on her tummy for nap.
  • Doing Work 3 of 15
    Doing Work
    Fern became more proficient at sitting unassisted this month and it's been fun to see all of the new things that this has allowed her to do. She seems to enjoy playing in this position much more and it's fun to see her doing good work and learning as she goes.
  • She’s Got the Look 4 of 15
    She's Got the Look
    Even though I can't quite put my finger on it, there's just something about this little look she's giving in this picture that I just love.
  • The Many Moods of Fern 5 of 15
    The Many Moods of Fern
    Happy to annoyed in five seconds flat.
  • Getting Acquainted 6 of 15
    Getting Acquainted
    Fern has developed quite the love affair for mirrors... and herself this month.
  • Story Time With Daddy 7 of 15
    Story Time With Daddy
    I love seeing this sweet little moments between my husband and Fern and watching him read her a bedtime Bible story the other day totally melted my heart.
  • My Little Fish 8 of 15
    My Little Fish
    This girl loves the water and while my parents were over a few weeks ago she got grumpy so they created this impromptu water park for her in my kitchen sink and she was grumpy-no-more!
  • Baby’s First Parade 9 of 15
    Baby's First Parade
    Fern attended her first parade this month and she was definitely a fan - especially when a big group of dogs passed by.
  • Beaver Believer 10 of 15
    Beaver Believer
    This little shirt was my husband's when he was a baby and it happened to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, because he ended up attending Oregon State University. I'm pretty sure he's hoping the shirt works for Fern too.
  • Nursing Knees 11 of 15
    Nursing Knees
    Why is my baby drooling on my knee in this photo? Oh, just because she happens to think my knee is a boob. I wasn't sure at first, but the rooting was unmistakable.
  • A New Trick 12 of 15
    A New Trick
    Fern has become quite proficient at maneuvering this little car and her newest trick is scooting underneath the dining room table.
  • Big Bear 13 of 15
    Big Bear
    This stuffed friend solicited a look of pure elation.
  • Diaper Free 14 of 15
    Diaper Free
    Taking off her diaper is Fern's favorite new skill. This photo was taken the first time we discovered this skill...along with the accompanying puddle of pee.
  • Hiding Out 15 of 15
    Hiding Out
    It was time for bed and my husband told her, "Quick Fern! Hide!" and this was their idea of hiding. I love how she's matching his look.


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