Cute Baby Clothes for an Ailing but Spirited City

Would you ever associate toughness with a baby? You might if that baby lives in Detroit—at least, Steve Mansour hopes so.

Mansour is the co-founder of Ink Detroit, a clothing company specializing in clothes embellished with what the company calls, “Detroit Style, Detroit Love, Detroit Humor, and Toughness.”

The company had already been making garments for grown-ups, but just recently launched a baby and toddler collection. You can find onesies and other baby clothing emblazoned with city names and slogans just about anywhere, but this line caught my eye because, even with the comeback of the auto industry, Detroit is infamous for falling (and staying) on hard times. Ink Detroit, Mansour said, is “all about promoting and branding a positive message about Detroit.”

Can cute babies decked out in Detroit-themed clothing revitalize an ailing city? Okay that’s a tall order, but they sure as heck can’t hurt.

“The spirit of Detroit still exists and always will,” Mansour said. “If we can add to that spirit, that’s just a plus in our eyes.”

Check out some tots in Ink Detroit threads and more from the company’s baby and toddler line below.


Photos courtesy Ink Detroit/


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