The Ultimate Accessory For Moms

I know that for a lot of people the foray into motherhood means saying goodbye to accessories for awhile.  Babies like to pull on necklaces and earrings, rings and bracelets can catch on your baby when you’re holding them, and big oversize purses are obnoxious when you already have a diaper bag to tote around.

BUT, since becoming a mother, I’ve realized that there is one accessory that is absolutely meant for motherhood and that is:  the clutch.

I know what you’re thinking.  “How could a clutch possibly be mommy-friendly?  I never even used a clutch when I was childless, because they’re way too high maintenance!” I know that it’s totally counterintuitive, but it’s true.  Clutches are the perfect throw-and-go accessory for your diaper bag – it’s like a mini purse.  Instead of carrying around a purse AND a diaper bag or throwing all of your purse items directly into your diaper bag, you can just throw the clutch in there and you’re done.  It’s easy to take out when you go somewhere sans baby too.

I’m obsessed with them and I wanted to share my clutch love with you.

Check out some of my favorites after the jump!


  • The Portfolio Clutch: Big Thunder 1 of 5
    The Portfolio Clutch: Big Thunder
    I own and adore this clutch. It comes in of-the-moment Pendleton fabrics, lined with durable canvas so it's both on trend and practical. I especially love that it's fun and colorful, yet surprisingly works as a neutral with many an outfit.
    Clutch $67.00 from Sea Echo
  • Lulu Foldover Lambskin 2 of 5
    Lulu Foldover Lambskin
    This clutch is another in my personal collection and it is ridiculously roomy and so, so pretty. The clutch can be used folded over or not and can fit anything you could possibly think of - this is the Mary Poppins bag of the clutch world. I just looked in mine and found: a notebook, two pens, a pack of gum, a pair of sunglasses, some mail, two lipsticks, ear phones, my cell phone and keys (with room left to spare!). It comes in lovely colors as well.
    Clutch $200.00 from Blair Ritchey
  • Waxed Canvas Clutch 3 of 5
    Waxed Canvas Clutch
    I love the rugged quality of waxed canvas and I think it's perfect for a clutch. Clutches can seem like a high maintenance accessory, but the waxed canvas off-sets this with it's weathered look.
    Clutch $36.00 from Joyner Avenue on Etsy
  • Mini Clutch – Abstract Lines No. 72 4 of 5
    Mini Clutch - Abstract Lines No. 72
    This clutch may not be the roomiest, but will definitely hold all the essentials and looking cool doing it, with it's lovely abstract line design.
    Clutch $60.00 from Make Good on Etsy
  • Roll Tote – Havana 5 of 5
    Roll Tote - Havana
    OK, so I know this is cheating, because this isn't technically a "clutch", but this bag is awesome and space saving (it can be completely rolled up!) and can be thrown into a diaper bag just as easily as a clutch, which makes it perfect for this list.
    Tote $185.00 from Tanner Goods


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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