10 Cute Easter Photo Ideas That Don’t Include the Mall Easter Bunny

easter photo ideas
Looking for Easter photo ideas for your baby? Check out these 10!

Each season, we make it a point to set time aside and take actual photos, not snap shots of our kids.   Over the years we’ve done these mini photo sessions with each of our kids, both together and separate. Each time I look back through photos, these mini-sessions are my favorites.

This year, we have another baby to photograph.  I wanted to find some fun Easter photo ideas to capture the season (and this season of our life).  Personally, I really don’t care for the photos of the mall Easter bunny. We did this for years. What I really want is better photos of my kids throughout the various seasons so that we can look back on and enjoy.   If you are looking to skip the generic shot of your baby with the Easter bunny, check out these creative photography ideas.

Here are a 10 Cute Easter Photo Ideas That Don’t Include the Mall Easter Bunny:

  • Baby in Jelly Beans 1 of 10
    Before the baby is grabbing and putting these jelly beans in her in mouth is the best time to get this type of shot. While i've read some people ranting about how crazy this is for safety reasons, if done right baby will be fine. Everyone's entitled to their opinion (God Bless America).

    If you have older kids, using Jelly Beans could create a cute shot - plus built in prizes for them to smile.image source: jenntuttle.com
  • Happy Easter Banner 2 of 10
    Using a fun prop such as this Happy Easter banner is a great way to set the mood. For siblings who won't exactly sit, this is a fun shot.
    image source: hwtm.com
  • Baby Bunny 3 of 10
    This simple shot of a baby dressed up as a bunny melts me. Too bad the 7 month old would not agree!
    image source: etsy.com
  • Naked Bunny! 4 of 10
    This is a simple idea that doesn't even require the baby to smile.
    image source: pinterest.com
  • Baby in a Basket 5 of 10
    Topless baby in a basket. I think the pose could be better, but I know how hard it can be to shoot babies, especially when not your own.
    image source: chelsihansenphotography.com
  • EGGS! 6 of 10
    This is a simple shot, without too much fuss. Just a bunny hat and eggs. I like this because its easy to shoot and no huge stress over the baby clothes!
    image source: etsy.com
  • Just Hatched 7 of 10
    While this image could use a wee bit of color correcting and better posing, the idea of "Just Hatched" is cute. Hobby Lobby has these gigantic easter eggs, if you are looking for a similar prop.
    image source: pinterest.com
  • Baby in a Bonnet 8 of 10
    Oh the Easter bonnet. A sweet little reminder of baby at Easter time in a huge hat.
    image source: etsy.com
  • To Catch a Rabbit! 9 of 10
    This is a new twist on the photos with bunnies. Your older babies maybe able to pull this one off.
    image source: inspiremebaby.com
  • Real Bunny and a Baby 10 of 10
    Again an easy way to capture a good photo of baby - especially when incorporating a real bunny. Though I wonder if you could find a good stuffed bunny to fit the part. By turning baby around, no worry about drool or smiles!
    image source: inspiremebaby.com


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When is Your Favorite Season for Shooting Photos?


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