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    Baby Beach Bloopers: 10 cute YouTube videos of water-loving tots Hey summer-lovin moms — there’s still a few more weeks of your favorite season. Watch these sand- and surf-filled family videos, and then get out there and make some of your own!

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    We're not sure who's having more fun — the impressively patient dad getting buried or the beach baby who is alternating between throwing sand in Dad's mouth and giggling at her own adorable antics.
  • A Simple Game Of Catch 3 of 12
    This quiet play session between toddler and an encouraging dad touched us. Our favorite part is :15, when dad and son enthusiastically clap in unison.
  • Beach Babe 4 of 12
    From her itty bitty teensy weensy pink ruffle bikini to her natural inclination to jump in the waves, we definitely can see this little girl becoming a lifeguard in about 15 years.
  • Water Resistant 5 of 12
    This little girl's first beach experience didn't go quite as smoothly. Maybe she's more of a pool girl? Go to :16 to see the moment that she makes it clear she's a little landlubber.
  • Braving the Waves 6 of 12
    This toddler braves the waves with a little help from her parents, without even stopping to change into her swimsuit. Another lifeguard-in-training for sure!
  • Little Surfer Dude 7 of 12
    If you find a kid smiling bigger than this little guy hanging 10 with his sporty mama, please send it our way. Talk about a mega-watt moment!
  • Hang Ten, Baby! 8 of 12
    Go to :50 to see this little long-boarder paddle his tiny arms and jump up on the board. And if that's not enough to make you smile, go to 1:20 to see proud Dad flashing his pearly whites at his son taking up his favorite hobby — at age 3.
  • Get This Kid A Sand-wich! 9 of 12
    This is a very short video of a little boy chowing down on some sandy goodness. We're pretty sure it's cut short because dad stops him (we hope?).
  • Big Wave Warning 10 of 12
    This little guy screams with delight at the baby-size waves. But at 1:25, he gets smashed with a big guy — and dad films his reaction to a mouth full of salt water. We love how he looks back at the ocean, like "What did I do to you?"
  • Don’t Try This At Home! 11 of 12
    Another wipeout — and a warning to be careful out there this summer. This guy who got slammed by a major wave was no doubt fine, but safe swimming, everyone!
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