Dad and His Baby Girl Get into Heated Conversation About Pancakes

UntitledAs parents, we are known for having conversations with our little ones even if they don’t know how to talk. I talk to Macks all the time and he’s only 6 weeks old. Although he can’t talk back yet, there is something so satisfying about speaking to your child. The talking gets even more fun when they start to talk back to you in their baby talk. That’s what one dad and his daughter did when they got into a heated conversation over the pancakes that she dropped on the floor.

After the baby throws all of her pancakes on the floor, the dad says, in Russian, “You throw everything on the floor and I have to follow you around with a vacuum cleaner.” The baby girl blabbers back in protest with a smile on her face.

The dad continues (loosely translated), “Don’t be silly and you won’t get spanked!”

While this might sound like harsh punishment, the Huffington Post pointed out that a Russian on Reddit shared that it shouldn’t be translated so literally, writing “It’s funny how if you translate word-to-word, the dad sounds pretty violent, promising to do some ass slapping for bad behaviour. But in reality it’s just the way Russians interact with their babies, I have similar audio tapes from my childhood.”

The baby doesn’t seemed to be threatened by what her dad is saying and continues to smile and babble on. The mom even chimes in telling the baby to kiss her father, in which she responds with a big grin on her face.

It’s always so interesting to me to see how other cultures interact with their children. While some may think that the father is being harsh to speak to his daughter that way, as the Reddit user points out, that is a part of their culture. From the looks of it, this little girl really loves her daddy. And apparently much more than she loves her pancakes.

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Image via YouTube user Tonatonavt

A big thanks for Alice Gomstyn for help in translating the video. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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