Dad Photoshops Baby into Funny Situations (PHOTOS)

As a parent, I take photos of my girls all the time. I want them to remember the little moments in life and not just the big ones. I don’t consider myself a photographer, but I do enjoy learning how to capture the moments so that they will tell the best story years from now when the girls look at them.

Although my girls will have a lot of photos to look at, they won’t have anything as amazing as the photos that Emil Nyström has taken of his daughter. Nyström, a photographer from Sweden, has found a way to creatively capture moments in his daughter Signhild’s life. Nyström takes photos of his daughter and then uses photoshop to but her into funny situations. He gets his wife and others involved when working on the shoots, depending on how elaborate they are. His work is absolutely incredible.

Take a look for yourself:

  • Sleeping Fairy 1 of 10

    This photo is absolutely gorgeous. As any parent knows, sleep is a big luxury. I love that this photo captures a restful and sleeping mother while the baby looks over. It's as if she is granting her mom a good nights sleep.

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Little Baker 2 of 10

    With the apron, the handkerchief on her head, and the licking of the spoon makes this a perfect photo. I love that the ingredients are everywhere and she it looks like she is perfecting her brownie recipe! A baker in the making.

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Going Bananas 3 of 10

    Monkey see, monkey do. I am so impressed that this little one is doing the same exact pose as the monkey. The bananas are such a great addition to the photo. So simple, yet so beautiful at the same time.

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Hanging Out 4 of 10

    This is probably one of my favorites that Emil has done. The detail of his work is absolutely amazing. It really does look as if his daughter is hanging from this shelf. Although we know that it isn't real, it does look as if she is trying to grab that bag of chips and get away with it. So creative and well done.

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Fly Baby Fly 5 of 10

    That smile is just contagious. And the outfit is beyond adorable. This photo captures a little adventure and fun in an outrageous yet beautiful way. 

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Ninja Baby 6 of 10

    She's a little fruit ninja! Chopping up her fruit and veggies for her next meal! I cannot get over how cute her smile is when she is doing these poses.

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • A Little Painter 7 of 10

    She's just catching up on a little housework that needs to be done. The smile with her head over her shoulder is the cutest. Again, I am so impressed with Emil's work. This photo looks like the real thing.

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Cannon Ball! 8 of 10

    Another one of my favorites. For anyone who enjoys a good cannon ball, you will likely fall in love with this photo. Such an amazing concept to have this in a bathtub. So brilliant. 

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Party Crasher 9 of 10

    Isn't this how we all feel after having our little one's first birthday party? Clearly this little girl took full advantage of her party. And for a good reason. 

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

  • Baby Will Fix It 10 of 10

    The costumes that Emil uses for his photos are top notch! I love the little scrunchy face his daughter is making while "fixing" the car. 

    Image used with permission from Emil Nyström 

To see more of Emil’s amazing photography, please visit his website.

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All images published with permission from Emil Nyström.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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