15 Photos of Daddy Daughter Moments

These two kill me with their cuteness.

There is little in life that is quite as sweet as the bond between a daddy and his daughter. Yes, daddies and sons are sweet as well, but there is just something about having a daughter that tends to soften a man up. I know that was the case for my husband.

The moment our little Fern was born, I witnessed a side of him that I hadn’t seen before. He was still the man I knew and loved, but there was a gentleness and sweetness in his eyes that was just a little different. When he holds our little lady, I can see in his face just how much he adores this girl; it is the look of a man in love, because that is exactly what he is.

When I see these two together I can’t help but go a little bit crazy with the photo taking (they’re just too precious!), so I thought I’d share 15 photos of my favorite Daddy Daughter moments between Craig and Fern.


  • Freshly hatched 1 of 15
    Freshly hatched
    This was taken shortly after Fern was born. I love the look of joy and excitement on my husband's face. He looks like a man in love and it makes me so happy.
  • Nose kisses 2 of 15
    Nose kisses
    When Fern was a baby and was hungry all the time, she was constantly trying to suck on the end of Craig's nose! It was pretty cute and hilarious.
  • Tasting her first food 3 of 15
    Tasting her first food
    Her Daddy was the one holding her while she had her first taste of food: a carrot that she happily gummed away on.
  • A kiss at the seashore 4 of 15
    A kiss at the seashore
    When he gives her kisses, it melts my heart every time!
  • First beach trip 5 of 15
    First beach trip
    It's fun seeing the joy on my husband's face when he gets to experience these kinds of "firsts" with our baby.
  • Chatting away 6 of 15
    Chatting away
    Fern and Craig love to have little heart to heart chats in the evenings.
  • He’s funny! 7 of 15
    He's funny!
    Fern thinks her Daddy is pretty funny.
  • Practicing her steps 8 of 15
    Practicing her steps
    This was taken before bed time recently as Craig helped guide Fern through taking some steps. He loves watching her learn and I know how much he's looking forward to teaching her new things.
  • Swinging 9 of 15
    This is Craig sharing Fern's first swing experience in our backyard.
  • Snuggled up 10 of 15
    Snuggled up
    This was taken first thing in the morning when Fern was giddy with happiness after a good night's sleep. She loves spending lazy Saturday mornings with her Daddy.
  • First coffee date 11 of 15
    First coffee date
    Coffee is a pretty important part of our family culture. We usually make espresso drinks at home, but on this particular Sunday morning we decided to have a family coffee date and Fern and Craig were both pretty excited about it.
  • Face time 12 of 15
    Face time
    Craig hates this picture, because I caught him mid-sentence, but I love the pure joy and excitement on Fern's face as she talks to her Daddy during one of his breaks at work.
  • Debriefing 13 of 15
    When my husband gets home from work, we sometimes all lay on our bed and talk about our day. It's a nice time to carve out quality family time.
  • Pre-bedtime cuddles 14 of 15
    Pre-bedtime cuddles
    His big giant hand...her sweet, tiny's almost more sweetness than my mama heart can bear.
  • Pretty lighting 15 of 15
    Pretty lighting
    Sometimes, when these two are just being together I am overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have them. The other night the light hit them just right and they were being so sweet together and it was a little reminder that even though life isn't always perfect, these two are perfect for me.

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