Daddy's Boy

Early on in Tate’s life, he morphed into a momma’s boy. This should really come as no surprise, as I was his only source of food and spent all day (every day) with him. He went through a short phase of seeking me out and following me with his eyes every time Steve held him. But as Tate continues to grow, one thing is certain, he’s something of a Daddy’s boy.

He whimpers when Steve leaves for work, and flaps his hands and smiles when he gets home. He follows Steve around the house like a puppy all evening long. He will sit at the base of the closed door separating them until Steve comes to get him.

He pines at the foot of the bed while Steve plays the guitar, and sequels when Steve picks him up and lets him play along. If he sees Steve with any sort of food he rushes to his side, begging for scraps. He initiates games of “come and get me” and lights up with laughter when Steve takes chase.

One of the best parts of parenthood is the wonderful man who I am privileged to have as my partner. Watching Steve and Tate develop such a sweet relationship has been more heartwarming than I ever would have guessed. I knew from the moment I met Steve that he would be a good father, and have loved seeing just how right my intuition was.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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