Dear Daylight Savings Time, My Baby and I Hate You

Daylight Savings Time and Baby Sleep SchedulesBefore I was a mom I thought daylight savings time was the best thing since sliced bread – at least the “fall back” version of it, I never was too keen on that whole “spring forward” business, but that’s another story…

I recall looking at the calendar in eager anticipation of that blessed extra hour of sleep I was to get and the sweetness of sleeping in when that Sunday morning rolled around.

But then I had a baby and it all went to hell.

Now I hate daylight savings time.

Apparently babies don’t care about sleeping in. All they care about is the fact that when bedtime rolls around they want to sleep. It doesn’t matter if it’s only 6:30 now instead of their usual 7:30 bedtime and it’s far too early for going to sleep. Babies just want to sleep anyway. Babies could also care less about your demanding blogging schedule and the fact that you like them to sleep in until a certain time so you can wake up in the morning to get work done before they wake up. They just know that the sun has come up, which means they should get up too. Who cares if it’s an hour earlier and mommy got absolutely jack done all morning? Not babies.

So, in summation: it’s been a week and our sleep schedule is still off. Conclusion? It may be time to move to Arizona or Hawaii since they don’t observe daylight savings time. Probably Hawaii because they have delicious pineapples and lovely beaches. Until I can save up enough money for the move I’m considering just ignoring daylight savings altogether. If I ignore it, can it please just go away? The worst that could happen is I’ll be an hour early to everything. Worse things have happened.

How did your baby react to daylight savings time? Have you adjusted yet?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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