Dear Family, This is What I Really Want For Mother's Day

I almost hate to admit it, but Mother’s Day is kinda a big deal to me. I feel egotistical saying it out loud, but I really (like really) enjoy the idea of  devoting a day (just one, out of 364) for my family to put forth a little extra effort to my day grand.

I don’t think it’s uncalled for at all, especially because I share a birthday with my oldest child. My birthday, it now belongs to her. But Mother’s Day, oh yeah, it’s all mine, baby!

So since my husband always says he can’t read my mind, I thought I would simply lay it all out.

To each member of my family, below are some heavily encouraged Mother’s Day suggestions:

  • Piper, age 7 1 of 6
    Piper, age 7
    Dear eldest child: For Mother's Day this year, I want a pee your pants funny and homemade card. Your naive yet freakishly inappropriate sentiments are my favorite.
  • Lovely, lovely husband of 10 years 2 of 6
    Lovely, lovely husband of 10 years
    Dear husband: See this photo of you? Keep on doing it. Sit on the couch, let the kids crawl all over you. Oh, and I also want a food processor and new running shoes. Thanks in advance!
  • Baby Paul, 4 months 3 of 6
    Baby Paul, 4 months
    Dear smallest: I need sleep desperately. For awhile there, you were sleeping through the night. Now that I know you can do it, this getting up 2-3 times a night stuff is kinda dumb. As a first time Mother's Day gift, I think sleeping a solid 8 hours would be my favorite.
  • Miles, Piggy & Pierre 4 of 6
    Miles, Piggy & Pierre
    Dear 4 legged animals I share my house with: No pooping, no peeing, no shedding. One day only, it's all I ask.
  • Gage, age 2 5 of 6
    Gage, age 2
    Dear toddler child: How about just for one day (my day), you skip all the hard parts of being two, and amplify all the cool parts. Oh, and finally ditching the diapers would be ah-mazing.
  • Nola, age 4 6 of 6
    Nola, age 4
    Dear Nola Bird: I bet you know already what I'm going to ask of you. Two things: A day without a single temper tantrum and a clean plate at every meal. Oh girl, I get giddy just thinking about it.

And oh, did I mention that I expect “Mother’s Day” to really be “Mother’s Weekend”?

I think between the 5 of you, you can make it happen. I have faith!

And I suppose, if all these requests sound greedy and self centered, I’ll narrow it down to just one Mother’s Day wish. Baby Paul, I’m looking at you, and giving you the shifty eyes. Mama desperately needs some sleep. You can make that happen, right?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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