Dear World: Please Park Your Car Straight. Love, A Mom

Dear Car Parking Public:

On behalf of moms everywhere, I would like to ask a favor of you. It’s not a big deal and it won’t take up much time or a lot of effort. It’s just a simple little thing that you can do to make the lives of mothers of babies and little kids just a touch easier.

Center your car in the parking space.

See? It’s an easy thing. Just spend two seconds angling your car in straight and maybe back out once to recenter if you’re crooked. It won’t make you late or anything. Especially if you’re parking at, say, Target. Or the grocery store. If those are your destinations then really, the extra 45 second it’ll take to get your car centered are nothing. It’s way less time than you’ll spend explaining to the cashier that trying to put a jar of spaghetti sauce, half a gallon of milk, and a package of juice boxes into one flimsy plastic bag is a recipe for major bag breakage. Parking straight is nothing compared to that conversation.

Why do I want you to park straight and centered? I’m so glad you asked! See, I have two kids. Both of them ride in car seats so I need to get the doors on both sides of my car open wide enough to hoist a bucket seat in or lean in to buckle a big kid car seat. I try to park with enough room on either side of my car that I don’t risk dinging the cars next to me while still attending to my children’s safety needs. But sometimes? The rest of the world doesn’t seem to care as much about the state of their paint job as I do.

When you park up on the line or at some crazy angle and get right up next to my car, you’re gonna get dinged. I’ll do my best but, in the end, your door panels matter less to me than opening my door wide enough to get my baby’s seat securely in its base. And if I’ve already had to twist and contort to get close enough to open my door because your car’s back end is slanted so close to mine that I can barely squeeze myself past it, well, I’m already pissed at you and don’t feel like taking precautions to protect your property.

I know the world doesn’t revolve around me just because I have two kids that get in and out of the car in public. I don’t mind if you take the spot next to the cart corral or the rock star space right by the entrance on a rainy day. First come first served, right? But if you slide in next to me with your tires on the line dividing our spaces and leave me only 12 inches of space to open my drivers side doors, you’re being a jerk. Even a person with no kids is going to be put out by that move.
Just take the extra time and park correctly. It’s not that big a thing for you and it might be making someone else’s day a little less complicated.

A Mom

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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