Dear Zeke – You are One Month

Dear Zeke - How are you already 1 month old?
Dear Zeke - How are you already 1 month old?

Dear Zeke,

One year ago, if someone had told me that I would have a one month old – I would of laughed and accused whomever of being drunk.

Well the laughs on me.

The last month, your Daddy and I have absorbed so much of your sweet love and cuteness. You have stolen our hearts and have two older brothers and a big sister who adore you just the same. While we didn’t know what to expect with having two kids 16-months apart, it’s not been nearly as hard as we expected. We know that you and your brother have many fun times ahead once you get a little bit bigger. But that being said, don’t grow up too fast!

You can sleep through just about any noise and this past week, you slept up to 5 hours straight at a time.   I am fairly certain that if I was to pop in a movie, and place you in front of the television you would watch it. Fear not, I haven’t tried that yet. But your curiosity towards the TV on the wall has us chuckling.

At your one month well visit you weighed in at 9.2 lbs – chunking up from your 7.2 birth weight! And you grew 2 whole inches. If mommy grew 2 inches for each month she was alive, she would be way over 68 feet tall.

Here are our favorite photos from your first month here:

  • Your Arrival 1 of 21
    Your Arrival
    7:17 am - you arrived and changed our world for the better forever.
  • WHERE THE HELL AM I? 2 of 21
    Welcome Zeke! I know, it's bright here on Earth!
  • Mommy and You 3 of 21
    Mommy and You
    Daddy snapped this photo of us about an hour after you were born. Mommy looks like hell!
  • FOUR! 4 of 21
    Yes child, you are our fourth!
  • Sweetness 5 of 21
    Did we tell you how sweet you are?
  • FIST PUMP! 6 of 21
    Your constant fist pumping makes me laugh. GTL - not quite. Someday I'll explain, maybe.
  • Your First Car Ride 7 of 21
    Your First Car Ride
    You look so wee in your big car seat. Yes, we still had the tags on the seat.
  • Sleep 8 of 21
    Always sleep up to 18 hours a day you sleepy head!
  • Adorable 9 of 21
    Did I mention how adorable you are?
  • Stretch 10 of 21
    Mommy and Daddy's bed is your favorite place in the house.
  • Baby Moustache 11 of 21
    Baby Moustache
    You inspired mommy to create
  • Side Sleeper 12 of 21
    Side Sleeper
    Yes, you prefer to sleep on your side.
  • You and Your Big Brother 13 of 21
    You and Your Big Brother
    Izaiah adores you so much, and SNAPS!
  • Melt 14 of 21
    You have melted our hearts
  • All Dressed Up 15 of 21
    All Dressed Up
    Yes, your mommy dresses you up in funny clothes.
  • WAH! 16 of 21
    I am happy to report that you rarely cry. But even when you do, you are lovable. Praise Jesus for no colic!
  • In Daddy’s Arms 17 of 21
    In Daddy's Arms
    Your Daddy adores you.
  • Basket Case 18 of 21
    Basket Case
    Yes, you are in a basket.
  • Contemplation 19 of 21
    You have a deep stare of contemplation.
  • Super Cute! 20 of 21
    Super Cute!
    A hand me down from your big brother, but you wear it well my little one!
  • You are One Month Old Zeke! 21 of 21
    You are One Month Old Zeke!
    How did one month already pass? Happy One Month ZEKE!

I know this is a big scary world, but know we are here to help guide you through it. Just remember this. We love you and thank God everyday for giving you to us.

Love Always,


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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