My Baby Barfs on Burberry and Chomps on Coach.

She also dines on fine French giraffe.

Ladies and gentlemen, I like nice things for my kids. Especially clothes.

Addie has 2 pairs of $120 boots. Vivi has a several $80 sweaters, and that Burberry dress? About $150, maybe $175.

Most of the time more expensive clothing is made better. Better materials, better workmanship, brighter colors and most certainly more unique.


I refuse to pay $80 for a baby sweater, $120 for a pair of kids boots or $175 for a dress (honestly, the WHAT?)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a thrifter. Certainly not the best the world has ever seen, but certainly better than most.

There’s something about walking into a dimly lit store faced with racks upon racks of clothing crammed in tightly with hang tags that rarely have a price over $10. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever bought something for Vivi secondhand that was over $8. That Burberry dress? $4. If you are familiar with the higher end boutique brands and their sizing (wrote a whole post about that here!) it’s a lot easier to go into these stores and unearth some amazing treasures. What’s more, most of the people who price the clothing are fresh from high school so they have no idea that a Catamini or Oilily sweater retails for $100 brand new. It’s funny to see how many BabyGap items are priced much higher than smaller boutique brands simply because they are more well known. (The Coach scarf was a gift to Vivi from a very dear friend as her own daughter took an affinity to her Coach scarf as well. Vivi really does chew on it, play with it and snuggle with it.)

I don’t go in looking only for designer, I go in looking for what I like, what grabs me. I’ve found shirts that came from Target three years ago that are cuter than anything I could find at the fanciest store full price. With all the hunting and pecking you’ll have to do it’s more fun to go with girlfriends rather than your kids, especially if you have kids around the same age and gender, twice the eyes looking through the stacked racks.

Afraid you won’t find anything good at your local thrift shop? Give it a try, some of the best things we’ve found have been in the deepest, darkest, dodgiest corners of Indianapolis.

Below are some of my favorite finds my friends and I have come across over the last few months…

  • Anthropologie Sweater 1 of 11
    Anthropologie Sweater
    Found at a thrift store by my best friend with tags still attached, tags that read $78, she bought it for $2.
  • Burberry Dress 2 of 11
    Burberry Dress
    Found in a secondhand shop for $4. Similar dresses brand new? $150, minimum.
  • Catamini Jacket and Gymboree Skirt 3 of 11
    Catamini Jacket and Gymboree Skirt
    Both found at a second hand shop. Skirt still had $34.50 tags attached, bought for $4, top for $6.
  • Cynthia Rowley Top and Old Navy Dress 4 of 11
    Cynthia Rowley Top and Old Navy Dress
    The long bubble sleeves with ribbons was too cute to pass up (especially since everything was buy one get one free) Both bought for $3.
  • Lucky Brand Hoodie 5 of 11
    Lucky Brand Hoodie
    I bought a Lucky Brand Hoodie for Addie full price and it is one of my favorite things she owns. I found this one for $4.
  • Janie and Jack Dress 6 of 11
    Janie and Jack Dress
    Janie and Jack...oh your irresistible and overpriced fancy duds for little kids, found this dress, brand new with tags, for $8. It gets better, it was half price, $4.
  • Old Navy Tunic 7 of 11
    Old Navy Tunic
    I would have never thought a turtleneck on a baby would be this cute, BUT OH SO CUTE (and only $2!)
  • Old Navy Dress 8 of 11
    Old Navy Dress
    This has to be the SOFTEST dress ever. She's delightfully squishable in it, for $3 whole dollars.
  • Tea Collection Dress 9 of 11
    Tea Collection Dress
    I love Tea Collection, I love that everything goes with almost everything else, this was a find by my best friend, which means it was probably $0.50.
  • Tea Collection Top 10 of 11
    Tea Collection Top
    Love you Tea Collection, love you even more when you're buy one get one free at the thrift store.
  • Zutano Dress 11 of 11
    Zutano Dress
    Best friend find. Love Zutano. LOVE.

Are you a thrifter? What have been some of your best scores?


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