Designer Diaper Bags Go From Diaper Bag to Purse With Removable “Baby Bag”

Lily Jade, a designer diaper bag line founded by a husband and wife duo, just launched a few weeks ago, and oh my word — ready to swoon? They are far from your average diaper bag. The amazing co-founder of Lily Jade somehow found me thanks to Google, and I am ever-so-thankful because I immediately fell in love and couldn’t wait to tell the world all about Lily Jade and their new fabulous line of designer diaper bags.

Here’s the coolest things about them. Okay, there are a few pretty cool things. I love how you can take the “baby bag” out of the bag and place it on the floor or on the counter — wherever you need to have easy access to it. It’s like it’s own storage for baby even when you’re not on the go. When you head to daycare, you don’t need to leave the entire bag; you can just leave the handy 16-pocketed baby bag. It comes right out with the click of a button so you can go on about your day with your pretty bag. I love not having to tote two different bags around.

Well, enough about me gushing over Lily Jade. Click through the photos to see for yourself! 

  • Lily Jade: Diaper Bag + Handbag All-In-One 1 of 8
    lily jade babble

    As a mom of 5, I am always about finding things with multiple uses. Well, this Lily Jade diaper bag is a handbag, too. What's not to love? 

  • Hello, Pop of Color 2 of 8
    lj final 2

    As a mom, you don't always get to indulge in your inner fashionista. Finding a diaper bag that gets the job done while being fashion-forward is the way to go. Thank you, Lily Jade, for creating a bag that keeps style in mind. 

  • A Multi-Tasking Bag 3 of 8
    side by side lj

    From diaper bag to handbag in about .2 seconds. Lily Jade diaper bags make my life as a mom easier, especially when my hands are full. It's so nice to be able to not have to tote two bags around. Instead, if I am leaving Grayson with his grandmother, I can just take out the baby bag and head out the door. 

  • Remove + Wash 4 of 8
    inside lj

    Not only is the baby bag removable with a snap of magnetic buttons, but it's washable, too! Say goodbye to all of those crumbs hanging out at the bottom of your bag. 

  • 16 Pockets of Organization? Yes, Please! 5 of 8
    lj inside

    Oh, this is an organized momma's dream. The organizer has 16 usable pockets, perfect for all of the essentials. It even comes with a washable changing pad! The multi-functional tote keeps me in check. I am easily able to find everything I need so quickly. It's no longer a never-ending Mary Poppins tote when we head out the door with five kids. With the 16 pocket organizer, I have a place for everything — even Grayson's nebulizer, which doesn't fit in any of my other diaper bags. 

  • Stands Alone 6 of 8
    lj outside-001

    Another perk is how when we are on the go or even at home, the baby bag organizer becomes storage. It's nice not having to constantly shove everything in my bag. I love being able to return home and just place this on the counter or wherever we can grab it at arms reach. It's nice to pull out of your bag at home to stay organized, too. The other day we were having a picnic outside, and I loved being able to just pull out my essentials instead of digging around the entire bag for what I needed. 

  • Endless Space 7 of 8
    close -up lj

    Both Grayson and his sister, Kennadi, have a portable nebulizer that we constantly have to carry with us. Like I said, this is the only diaper bag that hasn't been overcrowded with this machine inside. I am still able to fill all of the pockets and place my wallet inside the bag, too.

  • My Organized Space 8 of 8
    final lj inside

    Honestly, as a mom of 5, it's just so nice to have such an organized diaper bag. I constantly feel like I am carrying around the kitchen sink with all I take when we head out the door. At least I can fit everything inside and stay organized while looking stylish. But in an instant, I can ditch the diaper bag insert and have a beautiful designer bag. I have the Caroline in Red and just love it! 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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