Devil In The Form Of BBQ

But… But… But… I love BBQ!

I love BBQ. Any kind…

Pulled Pork…

Anything I can really put BBQ sauce on.

Well Friday night my husband and I decided to take the kids, and go out to dinner at one of our favorite local places who have famous fall off the bone ribs.   I was on a mission for a delicious BBQ dinner.   And that is exactly what I got.

The ribs were go good I actually took a picture of, and tweeted the picture of my dinner. But what exactly does this have to do with my 11 week old daughter?   Oh probably the fact that after chowing down on this delicousness… I was paying for it in screams, and a pissed off infant for about 18 hours on Sunday.   Just about the time she started to digest my amazing BBQ dinner.

It was the first time I had this specific food since Addison was born, and breastfeeding initiated. And as soon as I had a cranky baby in hands, and started to backtrack what I ate over the weekend, I instantly knew it was the ribs.  I wanted to cry!

Addison went from her bright, and smiley self… to this…


I am no stranger to cutting out foods since I had to eliminate a ton with my second son, till we realized it was my milk he couldn’t tolerate, and this time around I have cut out a couple of my favorites including buffalo chicken pizza, and buffalo chicken nachos… Two things I lived on during the 9 months I housed Addie in utero.

I am bummed to add another food onto the list of things I can’teat, but it is so worth it to have a successful breastfeeding relationship.  In fact Addison had her check up today, and while she is still small compared to most babies, she is making amazing progress, and is gaining weight just like she should be!   Something that really puts my mind at ease after two sons with weight gain issues.

I know there are so many other mothers out there in the diet restriction boat, so sisters… lets band together!

Share what you have had to drop for your booby babies!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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