Diaper Changes: Why I Love Them

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So yeah, if you look on the surface, changing a diaper may appear to, well, suck. There are bodily fluids and feces involved, with smells that no human should need to endure. Not to mention the annoyance of leaks, changing outfits, and running out of wipes when you need them most. Oh! And for those of us with boys, the occasional stream of urine in our faces.

But if you are able to look past all the yucky stuff, there’s just something about it.

When I lay Little Bean on the changing table I sing and talk with him–my distraction technique so he doesn’t start to fuss. Lately he’s been really receptive to it, smiling and giggling. He’ll gaze up at me with an expression of pure joy. In his smile it’s almost as if he’s saying, “Thanks, Mom you’re the best.”

After the clean diaper is on, I’ll sit there and chat with him some more. It’s a simple few minutes of no distractions with, normally, a very content and now clean baby.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gone through this once before that I know these types of moments don’t last. Soon he’ll be getting bigger, squirmier, and harder to change. Soon he won’t need me to change his diaper at all. So for as much as it sucks to clean up poop, I don’t want to wish it away. When I don’t have to do it anymore it means my baby is growing up, and I’m not ready to even think about that yet.

Now, don’t tell the husband I wrote this. There’s no DOUBT he’ll use it against me for the next 3 years.

Here’s a few pics from one change today. Click through in sequence, it’s cute. The last picture is my favorite.

  • Why Hello there. 1 of 5
    Why Hello there.
  • Yup. I’m talking to you. 2 of 5
    Yup. I'm talking to you.
  • It’s Diaper Changing Time. 3 of 5
    It's Diaper Changing Time.
  • Get ready. 4 of 5
    Get ready.
  • All clean! 5 of 5
    All clean!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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