Diaper Changing Tips for New Parents of Boys

I remember how quickly people offered up advice when we found out the baby was a boy. And among these suggestions was always how to deal with diaper changes. I learned (the hard way) that girls can pee somewhat projectile-like when having their diaper changed, but I knew that having a boy was a whole different ball game. And oh, how it is.

I’m proud to say that in a month, I have yet to be peed on during a diaper change (other times, not so much, thanks to my husband’s not so steep diapering learning curve), but just about every other square inch of our apartment has. Including the baby’s face. So it is from these experiences that I offer some tips.

Don’t bother with the devices that cover the baby’s penis, he will either pee it off or it will just result in pee all over his crotch and that’s really no better.

Have your new diaper and wipes ready before you even pull the tabs off the old diaper. I get the new diaper out, open and ready. If I know it’s just a pee situation, I’ll even slide it under the old one so I just have to pull that one out like a tablecloth.

If you’re going to be wiping for a while, put a wipe on the baby’s penis. I’m not sure this actually prevents him from peeing, but it at least slows the stream down somewhat. Do not, under any circumstances, remove this wipe until you are ready to put the new diaper over him. Because that is almost always when we have the problem. I pull the wipe off, start to deal with the new diaper and suddenly he’s peeing on the carpet, on himself, everywhere.

If you want to spend the money, a wipes warmer is supposed to decrease the peeing because the warm wipes are less shocking to the baby and thus result in less peeing into the air. We don’t have one, but I’m sure my baby would probably appreciate it and shudder a lot less with warm wipes than cold ones.

If all else fails, buy several extra changing pad covers or toss a towel underneath the surface you’re using the change the baby. And remember that you will get used to it. And after a point you will stop caring about how much pee you clean up.

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