Diaper Dekor Plus

diaper dekor plus reviewWith 2 babies in diapers, there is nothing I want less than to have to worry how to dispose of them. With our first 2 kids, finding a diaper pail that would work ended up being a joke. We went through diaper pails like we go through diapers. As my second child started wearing Pull-ups, I gave up on the diaper pail game and went for a trash can.

When I was pregnant with our third child, we received a Diaper Dekor Plus diaper pail as a present. Seeing we had tried just about everything, we thought why not – this had to be better than a trash can. And it was!

After a successful year and a half of usage with our third, we purchased a second Diaper Dekor Plus for our baby Zeke. If you are looking for a good diaper pail, here is why we like the Diaper Dekor Plus:Ease of Use

The Diaper Dekor Plus works like a trash can. Just step on the foot pedal and the top opens, similar to that of a trash can. The difference is the special bag inside, and a the flap to close off fumes. Speaking of fumes…


Nothing is worse, walking into a sweet nursery to inhale the fumes of a dirty diaper. While I wouldn’t guarantee that the nurseries both smell like roses all the time – the Diaper Dekor Pail does mask dirty diaper smell well!

Casey recommends adding baking soda to the bottom of your pail to help absorb the nasty.


The Diaper Dekor is slim and not too much of an eye sore.


This diaper pail holds a lot of crap! We go through 1 refill a month per child and thats with 2 baby boys who are home all day.

  • The Diaper Dekor Plus is the larger version of the Diaper Dekor
  • Diaper Dekor Plus retails for around $39.99
  • The Diaper Dekor retails for around $29.99
  • Refills will set you back around $15 per box (for 2)

Note: We have noticed odor does seem to seep through more with the biodegradable Diaper Dekor refills over the standard refills.

What Diaper Pail Do You Use?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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