Did Your Baby Get a Nursing Blister?

At first I just thought Little Bean had chapped lips. Do babies even get chapped lip? I know he isn’t dehydrated, his saturated diapers are a sure sign of that! But there is a rough feeling when you rub your finger along the top of his upper lip. So I did what most moms of the 21st century do, I googled to see if this was normal.

I came across this post on the La Leche League and some of the responders refered to this as a nursing callous or nursing blister. I never heard of such a thing but it seems Evan has one. Here’s a close up…

Further research leads me to believe it’s harmless and pretty normal. I believe it mostly happens to breastfed babies but I can’t be sure. Did your baby get a nursing blister? Did you treat it in anyway? Do you even need to?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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