Ditch the Baby Book and Display Baby’s First Year

I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you how I’ve been documenting all of Avery and Harlan’s major milestones. Shortly after Harlan was born I searched and searched for the perfect baby book to write in all her major milestones and favorite pictures. After searching for months, I never found a baby book that I really loved so I gave up my search and stopped looking. All of her milestones were recorded into a note on my iPhone and it’s how I’ve been doing it ever since.

It’s a pretty pathetic way to record all of those special moments and I definitely had all intentions of doing something with them, but there wasn’t anything that presented itself that I really loved. That was until a couple of weeks ago when I was introduced to these amazing First Year posters from Strange Birdy Studios. They were the perfect modern design that I was looking for and are absolutely gorgeous. Rather than a baby book that is stuck on a shelf and hardly ever looked at, the poster is the best way to display all of the milestones that your baby experience’s during their first year.

  • The New Baby Book 1 of 13
    The New Baby Book
    It's time to ditch the baby book and show off your baby's first year with these great posters. Check out some of my favorite features of the posters.
  • Personalize It 2 of 13
    Personalize It
    The first year poster is a great personalized way to show off your baby's major milestones from their first year.
  • Display It 3 of 13
    Display It
    All of the major milestones from both girl's first year are hanging and there for them to remember. It's also a great conversation tool. My oldest daughter Harlan asks so many questions about when she as a baby and loves to learn more about herself.
  • Add Their Name 4 of 13
    Add Their Name
    One of my favorite things about the poster is that you can personalize it with your baby's name and birthday at the top. It's especially helpful with two children so that I can easily tell who's poster is whose.
  • Modern Design 5 of 13
    Modern Design
    The poster gives a modern design to the old school baby book. The girl's nursery isn't necessarily modern, but the great color options definitely go with their decor and add a little flair to their room.
  • Happy Halloween 6 of 13
    Happy Halloween
    Harlan was only a couple of months old during her first Halloween, so she as a tiny little peanut. Avery was a pretty little flower and loved every bit of the Halloween festivities.
  • Defining Characteristics 7 of 13
    Defining Characteristics
    I love that the poster has you fill in things that you would never really have thought of without doing it. Both girls are blonde haired and blue eyed, so I really had to think outside of the box to see what truly defines them.
  • It’s All About the Hair 8 of 13
    It's All About the Hair
    In the middle of the posters it has you fill out information from when the baby was first born and then continue when they are a year old. I've had two bald babies that were still bald when they turned one year old so these boxes were easy for me to check off.
  • Remember Them Now 9 of 13
    Remember Them Now
    Avery only turned one a month ago, so this box was fun to fill out. It is so fun to look at how much she's grown since being a teeny little newborn.
  • Paparazzi 10 of 13
    This part really made me laugh because I take photos of Avery and Harlan all the time. I thought that I took a lot when Harlan was born three years ago, but I take so many more now.
  • Milestones 11 of 13
    These graphics to go along with the major milestones are so cute and add so much to the poster. Such a great visual to see how they began to move.
  • Happy Baby 12 of 13
    Happy Baby
    Avery loves to laugh and filling out these happy memories definitely put a smile on my face.
  • A Little Traveler 13 of 13
    A Little Traveler
    I didn't realize how much Avery traveled her first year until filling this out. I could have filled out so many more spaces. She is definitely a little traveler.

The posters retail for $45-$75.  Visit Strange Birdy Studios to see all of the colors offered as well as other great products offered to document your baby’s milestones.

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{Disclosure: I was provided with two posters to facilitate for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}


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